Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE Repair, Upgrade, Mods

Hello everyone,

I’ve got Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE that’s starting to get a little worn down. First and foremost I need to replace the joystick, but I figure as long as I am ordering parts, I might as well look into replacing the buttons as well. The USB cable is breaking at the base of the joystick as well.

I found this basic information about the stick:

Stick Lever: Seimitsu LS-32
Buttons: Seimitsu OBSF PS-14-G or PS-14-GN

LizardLick (at this time) is “pre-ordering” 32’s and 32-01’s, so I am going to try FocusAttack. The stock stick has wires directly soldered to the tabs you would use for quick connects, the new sticks (from the site pictures) looks like they have a wire harness and some kind of molex-style connector.

I was thinking I would just go with the stock Seimitsu LS 32 stick, maybe the LS 32 01 if I can get some advice to help figure out the wiring for it. I’m not sure about what I want to do for the buttons, I’m not offended by the flat stock ones, but I was raised on the curved ones, so maybe I’d go that route. I may also do LEDs or custom artwork, but I am having a hard time finding a lot of info specific to the EX SE. Most of the guides and info I’ve seen in my basic searches of SRK comes up with info on the HRAP2 or EX not the EX-SE which seems to have slightly different parts. It seems like a lot of the information on SRK has links to the pre-switch version of the site so the links come up as dead. ex: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/91559/

I’m working my way through the list here: Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!), but I was hoping for a few shortcut answers. I found the thread here but it went quickly into replacing with a JLF stick rather than the stock LS 32 Replacing Joystick on a HRAP WITHOUT SOLDERING?!

First question: Is there a wiring diagram to go from bare wire to these harness connectors on LS-32-01, or has someone done this already? I don’t mind a little trial and error, but I don’t want to order something that is incompatible because the board is set up differently or something….

Second: Has anyone modded the buttons on an EX-SE before? It says the stock buttons are Seimitsu PS-14 G’s or GNs but I don’t know enough about the alternate replacement possibilities to pick one that will work (size, depth, style, etc).

Again, sorry if this has been asked a million times.

Cannot use Seimitsu LS-32-01 Joystick.
LS-32-01 is for with Wire Harness.

Wire Harness only for Common Ground.
The HORI PCB in HRAP EX SE is not Common Ground.
Will have to use LS-32 and connect wires to Joystick Microswitch how it is stock.

In the Thread you linked of installing JLF into HRAP EX SE, you can follow.
Just read my Posts in that Thread.

I think made a pictures on my laptop.
But I don’t think you will need it.
You are a cool person, right?
Just read my Posts.

For Buttons, you can put in anything Sanwa and Seimitsu that is 30mm.
30mm for the Action.

For the Buttons, you can put in anything Sanwa and Seimitsu that is 24mm.
24mm for Back and Start.

Ahh, that was was I suspected but I didn’t see any direct information. I couldn’t tell from the pictures of the harness if it supported non-common ground connections. Very useful, now I can order the right sticks.

This guy seems to explain the basic differences between Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu LS 32 pretty well. Not sure if I want to go JLF this time, I’m not a much of SF player as of yet, mostly Tekken, so I kinda like the short clickiness of the Seimitsu LS 32.

30mm buttons it is, I may change out start select also but for now I know a couple of my main buttons are getting a little dicey so I take care of those for sure.

I’ll get cracking and keep this thread updated with some basic info for others.