Hori Real Arcade Pro.N Hayabusa button layout?


I’m looking to buy a new stick and the new Hori Tekken 7 edition has me interested. However, since i don’t care for Tekken I don’t really care for the Tekken art on the stick.
I noticed that Hori is also selling what seems to be the same stick but without the Tekken branding. The Real Arcade Pro.N Hayabusa.

One thing I noticed on the images of the Pro.N is that the button layout for the top and bottom row seems to be reversed to most other playstation sticks.
In the images for the Pro.N the buttons are positioned as:
Top row: X, O, R2, L2
Bottom row: Square, Triangle, R1, L1
Usually its the other way around. This seems like a nonstandard layout… ?

An error in the images or is there a reason for this?



Could be a Photoshop error

But even if it’s not you can just switch over the wiring and ignore the labels


I’ve been drooling over this stick since it was announced and I never fought the button thing. I’m also assuming it’s an error. Last stick to get that goofy was the Virtua Stick High Grade, yeah?


For anyone interested. I contacted hori and asked about the different button mapping for the tekken 7 stick and the Pro.N and this was their reply:
"Thank you for contacting HORI USA.

In regards, please note that the layout on the Tekken 7 Stick you referred to is correct.

Thank you for your support of HORI products.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further comments or questions.


Not sure how to interpret that since they don’t mention the Pro.N.


its not the VSHG layout, this one has the top and bottom row switched over


I wrote poorly. I just meant bonkers in general, like how the VSHG was bonkers in a different way.


Got another reply from Hori

*"Thank you for contacting HORI USA.

In regards, please note that the image of the Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa is inaccurate and the Tekken 7 Stick image is correct."*


Awesome and not crazy. Thanks for doing the legwork!


HORI USA are idiots and clearly didn’t get the memo from HORI Japan. The stick is laid out that way because of ACA Neo•Geo. It allows you to plug the bottom row if you wish and still keep O and X functionality for menus.


Mine just shipped from Play-Asia. Can’t wait for next Thursday! I’ll be able to confirm button layout then also.


whatchu on about


Oh man that is such a nice design. Yay for usual layouts!


I ordered it as well, let me know your thoughts when you get it! :slight_smile:


It is beautiful! FedEx delivered it yesterday. Of course the button layout is the correct version.

I might like this design even better than the n3-sa. Of course, if you’re familiar with the hayabusa parts, you know exactly what you’re getting.


Hi i got mine today you can take a look for reference:)
I am owning a fightstick for first time,new to this community :slight_smile:
a few items for reference.
3.5mm audio jack at the front.
mine is the ps3/ps4/pc version therefore there is the dualshock 4 touchpad at the rear(i play on pc so not sure what i can do with it)
Also you can see that the launch missile styled button cover is flushed with the surface when fully retracted.
also is there a modding guide?
do i need in depth knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering to mod buttons such as those LED sort?
A few items for size reference.

here’s my setup =) =)

reflective silver emblem, very detailed fabrication of the face plate:), can one customize such face plate of such detail from normal businesses??


Thanks for sharing.
I did place an order at play-asia but got a reply that the stick is no longer available :frowning:


Looks really nice, but damn I hope this isn’t their stock case moving forward. I much prefer a slant for the wrists.


It shouldn’t be. They’ve used this alongside their V cases for some years. I happen to prefer it to the V style cases, but to each their own!


Yeah. I’ve been hoping for a wireless PS4 edition like came along closer to the end of the PS3’s lifecycle. For me, the V case would be ideal.


Got final confirmation from play-asia:

“we apologize but we confirmed that we can no longer acquire the item
from our respective supplier. The order is now canceled and we have
initiated a refund back to your account.”

Guess i’ll have to look for another stick :disappointed: