Hori real arcade pro (non t5)

i’ve had this thing for like 2 years now. and it seems like i can’t pull of some moves anymore. but then again i haven’t played 2d fighters in a year so im just trying to cover all my bases (where im playing like a scrub or its my joystick) it was always hard to do hcb and hcbf motions because its like a square box where the joystick sets… someone told me what it was one time but its not an 8 way.


well my question is… do you think its my stick. or is it just time to get a newer one (with an 8 way if thats what i dont have). or any other ideas you might have.

edit* i never really knew what the difference was for all the different types of joysticks (like teh ones mentioned on the MAS website) and im talking about hte joystick itsself (perfect 360, medium spring. etc. etc.) if someone can explain the differences and the pro’s and con’s that would be great.

Screw the sanwa sticks, your probably not used to them, get a super or comp stick, or if you want to spend some money and know how to install a p360 get that.

Well if you don’t like the square restrictor plate, then you could always get an octagonal one, you can order them off himuragames or akihabarashop.

That or just try other sticks, like Happ or Korean.

I dont know if just me, but its still hard to take out moves with jap stick even with octagonal plate

I think it’s just you. :confused: :wonder:

well is a happ the 8 way? because i think i jsut can do the jap sticks. the square thing has always given me trouble in fighting games. i’ll try qcf+b (kula diamond on kof) and she always jumps back and kicks. or i’ll try to do k9999 super and he just does his f+a.

so whate the difference between happ and competition? because im probably going to get a custom stick and sell this hori on ebay.

i have NO idea how to install a new joystick part anyway. so im better of selling the one i have and just getting a happ or competion (depending on the pros and cons from you good people at srk.)

I think your better off getting a p360, i might be getting one soon. Taking out moves on it is real easy from what i heard.

i also hear ur suppost to be really really really accurate

changing the restrictor on your hori from a square one to an octoganl one will cost you about 10 dollars max and does not require complex rocket science. Its as easy as removing the battery cover on your remote control. I think your kula problem is one many people are having with kof 2002. I find it insanly difficult to get any qcf, qcb, and hcf, hcb motions done on this game and I have both happ and sanwa sticks but as soon as I put in 2k3 this problem dissapears. 2k2 is just wierd like that.

well one guy was doing it on a keyboard when i played against him and i told him the stick i have and he said i should have no problem pulling off moves.:confused:

and can you tell me how and where to buy?

you can go to himura games or http://akihabarashop.com/products.html and get them from real neo geo. What you want is the Sanwa GT-Y ? ¥550.

this tutorial shows you how to completely mod the stick if you are interested. What you need to do is just replace that clear plastic piece on the bottom of the stick in that tutorial with the octaganol one you buy.


I would suggest using Akihabara over Himura Games.

Use Himura if you feel like waiting 1 month + for your stuff.

how much?
i am looking for one like yours.

well im not going to sell my stick im i can just mod it. but i do kinda want one of those custom sticks from suite 53.

just pm me for an asking price and i’ll let it roll around in my head for awhile… keep in mind i MIGHT not sell it if i can just mod it.

ah man i suck at sodering…

You don’t need to do any soldering to upgrade a true HRAP. No idea why someone linked to the tutorial for modding the US Tekken 5 stick, aside from sharing the same exterior shape it is nothing like a true HRAP.

welp… what do i do? do i just connect wires or do i just replace teh octagonal thing?

Open it up, squeeze the clips and it will come out. Look at the octagonal restrictor in a picture and you will see. Once you take it off pop the other one on. Easy as opening a cap on a soda bottle.

damn thanks guys! well. now if you can help me some more. in possibly 30 minutes ago. i fucked up my joystick some how and it constantly goest to the left… so is it completely fucked or can i save it somehow?

Open it up… and see if something is hitting the microswitch that makes you go left. Maybe faulty microswitch. Can’t save it if that is the case, gotta get rid of the microswitch and the pcb that it is attached to and get a new pcb board with microswitch connected to it.