Hori Real Arcade Pro ONE for XBox One


From our good friends at ArcadeShock.

Spotted at the Hori booth at E3.

Prototype of the Hori Real Arcade Pro ONE for the XBox One.

While it looks to be the same old HRAP.V case. Closer inspection shows a few changes.

-no turbo panel
-possible VLX style cable door
-opening on the front of the stick, possibly where the proprietary headphone jack is


at first glance it looks as thought its the same v3/vx case, its the artwork that makes it look like its the same old case, but looking closely, the case looks bulkier and has more depth,

i like it

not buying though, got too much sticks already, and theres no games that make me want to go buy next gen console yet…


At least the PS4 version is backwards compatible with the PS3.


That’s probably why there isn’t a turbo panel. Why waste manufacturing costs when you don’t need anything like a console switch? Another thing to note, no rainbow colored buttons. All black.

Maybe this is just a prototype and the final will have turbo and color buttons.


I believe Microsoft has already dropped the requirement for colored buttons. I mean, look at the non-KI TE 2 for XBone, the buttons there don’t have the colors as well.


That said, I’m more interested in that cable compartment door, which seems to be similar to the VLX.