Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX Template Thread

Templates being revamped…

Post update: Graphic printed, applied and done!
Done and I already love the custom graphic(yes, I’m a anime geek and Yoko Littner/Gurren Lagann rocks!)

Not sure how long this thread will survive but to anyone who wants more personality to their VLX, the template is here for all.

Trace and scan the existing top panel, then compare to your measurements.

That artwork is simply gorgeous. It actually makes me want a VLX just because having that wide view shows off so much of the personality of the art.

I think you’re on the right track with what you’ve done so far! I do know that the stick follows Viewlix dimensions, so just make sure to measure the left side to the stick hole, and the bottom from the LK button and I think it’d come out accurate. As for the start button… I dunno! :slight_smile:

Definitely keep us updated, because you’ve got me wanting a VLX now.

Hell, ask d3v. He might know!

edit: I knew he’d answer this before I did. -_-

I lol’d

I swear I’m always seeing that BB type a/b vector around…

its because it goes with just about everything for some crazy reason…

I agree…and it’s just about the only template I can find to patch over the art. There should be a dedicated thread for pretty accents for template misc. stuff.
Haven’t had time to work on the template but I just found out that the local shop where I attend the usual casuals do have white/yellow buttons, which could be perfect if I can get the template and graphic right. I would have preferred to have yellow/white buttons(yellow ring) but meh, not gonna spend double there’s a set there though I only really use 6 buttons for the VLX while the other two are plugged.

Thanks for doing this! I will definitely keep an eye on this thread! :lovin:

Hopefully I can get this done within a relatively short time. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of popularity since the VLX runs up to $300 or the fact that a lot of owners do not want to do anything to “ruin” the stock plate it comes with.

In my opinion, my VLX will be dual modded and will be considered as my primary stick(haven’t had time to get a new Seimitsu LS-56 for my other stick) so why not have it customized to what I want it to look like. I have thought about what to do if I ever wanted to revert back and remove the sticker but atm, my options are limited since I’m afraid “Goo-Off” will take the paint off the place. When I do complete the basic template, I’ll just change the thread name to the official VLX template thread(if one doesn’t exist already). :smiley:

Thread update:
Well I just got some stuff printed out at the local print shop(The Printing House for those in Toronto) and like the only other person on SRK who made their own VLX template, my start button template is slightly off. Other than that, some other notes are…

  1. Although it doesn’t matter since the dust cover covers it, the hole for the stick(where the shaft goes through) is a little smaller than the VLX.
  2. There is no place that offers label paper wide enough for the template which means I had to opt for the custom vinyl print for $25 at the print shop which needs an advanced notice which means I won’t get the final product til tomorrow(which a different graphic that’s not KOS-MOS).

So in short. Buttons/inserts fit near perfectly, start button is slightly “off”. I’m gonna go ahead and tell the shop to print my graphic. If there’s enough interest for the this template, I’ll try to fix the start button or I can just upload it for people to fix.

Oh yeah, my home printer was too stupid to print on two standard 8.5x11" sheets of paper unscaled and cropped so I had the shop do it for me while I had my other template for my other stick printed.

Thanks for the update! Did you remove the original Vewlix artwork, or did you just place the new artwork over it to test the measurements? I’m curious to know if the original artwork is still salvageable? Thanks! :angel:

Unfortunately I have won’t be able to stick it on until tomorrow but I’m thinking that the adhesive itself will be very tough and I’m afraid that goo-off will take the paint off if I need the new graphic off…
Before I apply, I will gave it a good wipe over with glass cleaner. So as a precaution, depending on how “glue sticky” the graphic you’re applying, if you gently wipe with a moist rag(repeatedly and I mean repeatedly!), hopefully it will slowly remove the glue. I’m planning on dual modding my VLX so it’s a keeper for life for me.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out! :tup:

I hope that the shop uses the peel-able side with multiple sections so I can apply and tear as I go.

syn13, def sick sir.

Thanks man.

I don’t understand why, my placement method was so elementary simple that the Start button placement should be in place perfectly just as the 8 face buttons fitted perfectly. Ugh, the start button is cursed!

Is the dimension the same for a HRAPV3? Your artwork looks really nice, man. Good work!

Things the VLX and V3(HRAP) share in common:
-Height in dimensions(99% confirmed because I have a left over HRAP V3 art that I never used so I did a quick compare).
-button and stick placement - I just used the HRAP V template for that and chopped the start button.
That’s pretty much it unfortunately. If you’re looking for a HRAP V series template in the same style(layers), I have one made for when I had the HRAP V3.

odd question though, what exactly are the dimensions of the faceplate of the VLX?

5700x1680 pixels
The closest measurements I could get were in centimeters then I believed I used tiporama for the calculator(cm to pixels + DPI conversion).