Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX Template Thread

I recently bought the RAPV3 SA and am contemplating some artwork for it. If you still have a working template for it I would love to have it and I am sure others would too.

I believe that NRX has done a template in the HRAP V thread here in the tech section but it somehere hidden in that thread. At the moment now, I’m just at my part time job typing on my cell so I don’t have the resources to post up my modified version of NRX’s template.

When I get home tonight, I’ll post up the V3 template and the one sample I have of the pink template in the first post as well as my VLX’s new look.
It’s not KOS-MOS or the two hot chicks though :slight_smile:

I now need a mesh black ball top with 6x black/yellow or black/red seimitsu buttons now.

If you have time, I’ve also done templates for my Qanba RAF3(a little more original) and my previous SE stick I’ve had before.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I’ll take a look at the threads you suggested as well =D

Post updated, have fun guys!

Here you go, I just got home and played a couple of rounds of SSFIV with a friend then I applied my graphic but here you go man:
Hori Real Arcade Pro V series template: Download Link
Custom artwork template: Download Link


No prob, thread updated with template for HRAP V3 and VX as well…not sure if it helps but credit for the HRAP V series template goes to NRX. The VLX template was all me :smiley:

props to this thread

Where can i get the HORI stamp

I traced mine, I’m not at home(once again) so the best solution is to go back to page one and find the HRAP V3 template I made with the graphic and stuff done and cut and paste it near the bottom of the page where Mario requested it.
It’s vectored(I believe) so you can set it to any size you want.

my vlx is still in good original condition,

but when redness starts to fade and peel, is there a link for an artwork / template that would restore it to stock condition

just wanna be prepared for when it hapens

So the start button being off WAS fixed in the template to download, right?

I adapted my Taokaka template for the V3SA (used to be a Qanba EMP template).

Anyway someone could do a Captain America MvC3 template for a VX SA. Real American looking with red white and blue. Plus the stick itself is white, so if the template could jive with it, that’d be sweet. Much appreciated if anyone can help me out here.

Kinko’s says the largest Lami-lable size they have is 11 x 17… so how did you guys do it??

In one of syn13’s posts he says he went with a custom vinyl print for $25.

Yup, the dimensions of the VLX template is ridiculously wide so if you’re in the US, the only place I know is Game on Grafix. If you’re in Canada, I’m sure all or most The Printing House can do them but they won’t be able to do it on the spot because they don’t actually do vinyl prints themselves.

It’s been 3 months now and my Yoko Littner graphic is still in mint condition except for the area under my dust cover…not noticeable but only if you look hard there.

BTW, how do you remove the original artwork? Or did you just apply it over?


how long did it take the print house to get you the vinyl syn?

I didn’t remove the stock art but instead like all surface, used some professional automotive glass cleaner before applying my graphic on. Although this current vinyl/graphic looks to be a keeper since I will be painting/fixing a dent when it gets a little more warmer, I am curious to see what kind of glue remover will not take out the original print on the VLX.

I believe the quote I got from the location at Woodbine and Steeles was up to 5 hours. This is to send out the order from The Printing House to their location that specializes in vinyl print and delivery. The day I went in was already 4pm, although I was getting my test template printed on two sheets of paper to try that same night, they told me I can call in the next morning after 9am to confirm the file to print and pick up at around 3 - 5pm chuu.

For anyone in Toronto that wants a closer look at my VLX or questions, I’m at Heroes World every Wednesday at Warden and Highway 7. The owner there, Jon has taken a liken to the Fighting game community and is now offering many options such as leagues to level up your game in MvC3 and SSFIV, casuals, sticks, equipments and modifications. I’m just a amateur graphic dude but am willing to help with whatever I can offer to the community. Also helped with the York Region Street Fighters tees(Heroes World, Omega Collectibles and Microplay in New Market) as well.

Why did you use glass cleaner before applying your own art?

Do you have plans on taking out the original art?