Hori Real Arcade Pro: Special Addition

This isn’t me selling the stick, I’m just posting up in case you guys want a hold of this rare stick.

He is selling the HRAP2. He might sell the other versions later it says.
I have seen a couple of HRAP:SE go on auction in Japan and they go for well over 20.000yen (170us$), USED!

Are you sure? They look almost exactly the same except one says Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 and the other says Hori Real Arcade Special Addition.

nvm i see the difference. The posted picture is a HRAP2 but the bottom pictures are the SA/SE models.

One is HRAP2 and one is HRAP:SA. HRAP:SA has limited edition Sanwa OBSF-30RG Vermillion buttons and a black case, HRAP2 has white case.

This is Special Edition sold at japanese auction:

God damn. That’s a lot of money, I really want a SE too. T.T

He offered my to buy it for $150 for the SE with shipping to Hawaii about $215. For that much money i’d rather buy custom.


I messaged him, and he confirmed it’s the Special Addition, he made a mistake and posted the wrong picture for the gallery pic.

I want to purchase but he hasn’t responded to my email, also kinda feel funny about it due to those comments for his feedback…if I bought a new sa it would have to be just that…so plz dan if you msg him again plz tell him to check his ebay messages thanks.

He should be checking his ebay messages, because that’s how I communicated with him. I already bought one from him for $102.

BTW: He responded to me by email, so check your email.

Kind of OT, but I wish I had one of the updated HRAP1 sticks that have the improved top finish like the HRAP SA/SE and HRAP2. My HRAP1 is scratched up to all heck. Luckily I do have an HRAP2.

I have yet to see a hrap 1 with a non mirror top. pics anyone thanks…I have a hrap with a dark mirrior finish but I haven’t seen one with the cabinet style top.

If you’re a Siemitsu fan you wont.

Siemitsu’s will work in the HRAP 2 right?

If you are talking about the new HRAP2 then nobody knows yet. The “old” HRAP2 can use a seimitsu joystick, no problem.

^ I hope they can since I preordered one from vgo a while ago.

Well, The new HRAP1 was changed so my gutfeeling tells me that it will be the same on the new HRAP2. But we have to see.

I bought that stick that was on ebay. He also said that he was going to sell an Hrap 1 and Hrap SE. I just hope I don’t have any problems with him because of his feedback. If I don’t I’ll post again so you guys can bid on the other sticks without worries. Total for the SA was about $154 which I thought was alright since I just bought a couple of sanwa buttons and the total for 8 and a octaganol restrictor was $47.

Dude the SA is already a full sanwa stick, plus why would you mess with a collector’s edition stick?

I think he wants to install the 8 way gate for fighters but I think the SA has Sanwa buttons already.

You can sell me the buttons here since I need to open up the RAP: Fighting Jam (I need to know which tool I need to open the octogonal screws) so I can install my 8 way gate and switch my buttons for some D-Lite Supergun Neo lovin (using the PS2 to Neo Adapter).