HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 2 SA Available on Play-asia now

I’m kinda new here, but I think I’m not doing anything wrong by making this thread. I know that many of you, like me, probably missed out on the pre ordering of this stick from the akihabara shop…but if you really want one, and have the cash to spend…you can get the HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 2 SA on play-asia now. I don’t know how many they’ll have, so you might want to place your order ASAP.


180$, that’s going to hurt me for a while :frowning:


You guys could just get a pre-made stick with Sanwa parts for less than $150.


This’ll ease the pain a little bit for whoever decides to buy.

God fricken hates me. They wouldn’t accept my card, something about not being able to authorize it, and by time I got another card to use, they fricken sold out of pre-orders. I’m the most bitter person alive right now.

no more buy it button.

Question is why did you guys procrastinate at the last minute to get one lol, Per (TheRealNeoGeo) was taking orders :rolleyes:. And you would have saved yourselves money there too.

I was gonna go for it earlier, but 50 shipping + the price already might as well go custom.

"Out of print / Out of stock"

damn, already?