HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3....easy way to use it on a PS2?

hi team. now that HRAP 2 for PS2 is now unvailable at PlayASIA …:sad: and other retailers. how to get a HRAP 3 working on a PS2 ? any ideas welcome

PS . i live in Australia. May be a reputable retailer left that ships my way , never know


There are plenty of HRAP2s on eBay.


been hearing people get them for under $90 shipped on ebay brand new. Just find ones that have “Best Offer”

id prefer not to get the HRAP 2’s on eBay as i think they may be psuedo…

I believe many members of SRK have ordered it on eBay and they’ve so far been legit. If you’re still iffy about it, just goto arcadeshock.com. You’ll have to pay $30 more, but its definitely legit. I got my HRAP2 from this site (the ones on eBay weren’t there yet) and it came in mint condition. There was a small dent on the box, but I doubt that was their fault. Here’s the link


They’re out of stock at the moment, but they restock every now and then because the bulk order they placed is still slowly trickling in.

phenomenal info TingBoy…im going to keep my eye on this 2x daily…thanx for the info man.