Hori Real Arcade Pro stick problem


ok… last night I noticed that I could not crouch block like I’m supposed to be able to do. so it seems I have a problem with the ‘1’ position on my stick. I imagine this should be fixable, but my question is how do I fix this? and do I need new parts? and if so, what are they and where should I get them?

Any info/help/advice is greatly appreciated


There’s no individual “1” position on standard joysticks.

Does pressing LEFT (“4” position) and DOWN (“2” position) work fine on their own?

Sounds like you either need to replace microswitches (either an individual one, or the whole microswitch PCB), or maybe your actuator.


hmmmm… that’s interesting. I think down may not be working properly either. and sorry for being such a noob at this, but what are the parts you’re talking about and is it hard to replace (sounds like it)?


Assuming that has a JLF, you would just swap this piece. http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-tp-ma-pcb-assembly/


ok… again excuse my ignorance but I have no idea what a “JLF” is.


Which Hori Real Arcade Pro is it? Hori Real Arcade Pro 3? Hori Real Arcade Pro V3/VX?

Your HRAP probably comes stock with Sanwa-brand parts.
The name/model of the joystick that’s installed is called the JLF.




thanks man… so I just need that part and install it? Is it pretty easy or something I may need to pay some one to do that?


Very easy, no soldering needed. Look up jlf dissasembly on YouTube, all you have to do is remove the gate housing and swap the pcb.


Extremely easy. You need 8th grade shop class level of skills.


8th grade? I was soldering at 5th grade.


thank you guys! I am getting today and hopefully it turns out well :slight_smile: