Hori Real Arcade Pro Thread for all versions (IN PROGRESS, COULD USE YOUR HELP AND INPUT) v2

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Could use some help here… Trying to decide which one I should be buying since I don’t see both of these on the list http://www.amazon.com/Arcade-Silent-Fight-Stick-PlayStation-4/dp/B015PRGF06/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1451886859&sr=1-1&keywords=hori+silent

Hi Res Image: [details=Spoiler]


=Hori Real Arcade Pro. VX-Sanwa Parts

SRKTT thread-

= Weight 4.8lbs (2.2kg)
= Sizes - LxWxH 16.92" x 9.45" x 4.92" / 430mm x 240mm x 125mm
= Metal base. Does not have individual plastic pieces
= Metal inset top faceplate
= Interior of case has plenty of space for mounting PCBs
= Must open from bottom (Which voids the warranty)
= Integral side grips
= Chamfered wrist rest

  • Integral cable storage

Metal Panels-
+Both top and bottom metal panels
+Universal Joystick mount


  • No plexi, unprotected artwork which can only be replaced by destroying previous artwork - plexi retrofits aren’t straightforward
    =Top faceplate removable by destroying top arwork

Bottom Padding/Feet-
=No padding
=Four rubber feet

+Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK


  • 8 x Face Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons (B, X, Y, LB / A, LT, RT, RB)
  • 1 x Face Sanwa OBSF-24 START Button
  • Hori own mini HOME and BACK face buttons
  • 8 x 3-position turbo switches (Off/10ps/20ps)


  • Common ground Main PCB
    = Separate Home/Turbo PCB
    = Separate Audio Jack PCB



USB Cable-
=USB 2.0
=Integral Cable Compartment - Cable door has reputation for falling off/breaking

Unanswered Questions Due to Insufficient Testing-

Hi guys, I was considering getting the Hori RAP 4 Kai but I tried out my friends stick who has that same model and his seemed off. Based on what I read the Kai has the stick and buttons placed a little farther apart than say the Hori RAP.V.

I feel that the offness that I felt with the stick might be because of the spacing so I was wondering if anyone knew which one of these two sticks (the Kai and the Pro.V) had a layout more similar to say the quanba Q1 which is what I’m really used to.

Also I hear that aperantly there is lag with the Kai inputs of some sort was wondering if there was any justification to this and how relevant that lag would really be?

Any advice would be awesome thanks y’all.

For this kind of question i suggest you read this:What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

If you still can’t get the information you need ask there not here

Thanks for the heads up I’ll head over there now

No problem next time be sure to check the stickies and to use the search bar before making a new post

I just received my Hori RAP4 with hayabusa buttons ( the updated version) and I am floored! I am a long time Sanwa user and I believe I have converted already after two hours of use. The hayabusa stick is amazing and the textured hayabusa buttons are sublime. I am coming from madcatz t.e. sticks and I am speechless as to how quality this Hori is. I strongly recommend this stick. It is absolutely more responsive ( less lag) than my t.e. Round One and t.e. Round 2 sticks. Thank you Hori this stick is perfect out of the box!

Does anyone know the size of the screws/bolts for the HRAP3 top panel?

Mine have oxidized and I’m looking to replace them with something nicer.


Has anyone been able to get a picture of the PCB for the HRAP4 Kai Silent? I’ve been pondering some experiments with one, but I’m curious if it’s still using the same bare 6 pin jst connector for the joystick harness as the original HRAP4 Silent and the DOA5LR stick. If it’s hot glued on there, then I will be sad.

Hi, I got the aquapazza rap3 recently. hope I did this right[details=Spoiler]



Is this model one where you need to destroy the art to change the art? Are they hard to change? Where would one get this hard plastic art made?

@dosukoi7 - Why would you art mod such a rare stick?

That’s like kinda how I feel about this Hori’s PS2 Real Arcade Fighting Stick. I wanted a stick to mod but this is so nice.

^ Such a nice stick.

Ya man. You don’t mod that.

That stick is now a collectors item, and the only work it should get are restorative mods and repairs.

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is so special about that stick?

Rarity + one of the first retail sticks to ever have all Sanwa parts.

Most other Hori sticks that came out at that time used a Sanwa stick but had Hori brand buttons.