Hori Real Arcade Pro V (PS4) does not work properly on PC !? Need advice


I recently bought a good friend a new Hori Real Arcade V (PS4) for his birthday … so he would have a stick for upcoming SF5.

We wanted to test the stick on SF4 and play on the PC version (my friend does not have a PS4 yet).

We plugged in and driver was installed … everything seems to be working fine … BUT as we tried to go to the button config (on SF4 PC) we were not able to config the buttons.

The X button works and we were able to press the initial button for the config … but after that the config didn’t register any input from other buttons ??? So we simple cant change the button config at all !?

Has anybody the same experience or a solution for this problem ???

Thanks for any help.


Do you have it set on PS3 or PS4 mode?

I might not be correct but I think it needs to be set on PS4 mode to work on PC.

Opposite actually, it needs to be on PS3. Make sure the switch on the side is toggled to 3, and the assist mode thing (I forget what the switch says, I’m not at home) is off. Mine came with that on and it threw me for a loop.

Also, can you clarify if this is an issue of the stick not being recognized by the computer, or the game not recognizing the stick even though the PC does? Not sure which version of Windows you’re on, but there should be some kind of game controller settings thing that shows you a bunch of buttons that light up when you press a button, and a circle that shows where your directional inputs are registering.


My HRAP pro V works on Win 7 with both PS3 and PS4 sides.