Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 "SA" Thread - (Available Now! Check OP!)


Just stumbled upon this thread today. Was quickly scanning through all the pages and checking out all the art and mods. Great stuff guys!
I thought I’d link this here and try my luck finding this part here as well. If anyone might have this spare part lying around and would like to sell it or be kindly give one away if you’re not going to be using it =)
Since I got a used HRAP V3 SA recently and the compartment was missing from it. Would love to find this part and complete this stick.


Anyone have a good template for this stick? Or the original art so I can adapt it to something custom I’m working on?


Custom Yoshimitsu stick, the art was made by @Felix4u. He did a great job and I suggest you guys send him a message if you want him to make some great stick art for you


The panel on my Hori is starting to warp and peal, are there any alternatives to getting a plexi top? I can’t afford one at the moment or the commission for artwork.


Go bare metal


I was thinking of using some type of vinyl wrap. Does the plexi top from Tek-Innovation set flush with the edge or is it elevated above it ?


The Tek plexi on my HRAP Kai is just a bit too thick to sit flush when combined with the artwork.


That is one well worn stick! You should keep that artwork as a badge of honor.


You can go to tek innovations for the plexi. Its only $14.50 so its not too expensive. Its 1/32 inch so you will barely notice it. I have the same hori just in a different color and I barely notice the 1/32 inch thick plexi being there. That or I’m quite used to having the plexi there and dont feel it anymore.

I dont recommend going bare metal since if you do eventually it will rust since its just a plain steel panel with no protective treatment.


Could anyone provide me with a hitbox template for the Hori V3-SA / VX-SA please. Impossible to find.


This akuma mod is sick. My default art is faded to hell and i don’t have clue how to use photoshop and templates to make custom art. Where can i get this akuma one. Ill probably be using tek-innovations to print. It says in their guide that i need to send them the template version and the full picture aswell.

Or of anyone is kind enough to PM me some akuma or ryu ones i will appreciate the help


Hey guys sorry to rise this thread but a friend of mine has a problem with his stick (Hori V3 Pro), the turbo function went nuts, it doesn´t turn off, no matter what he does.
So I was wondering, is there something that can be done at the original PCB that totally disables the turbo function? A resistor he can remove or something like it?
Or the only way will be to remove the pcb full and adapt a new one, like a Brook for example?
We live in Brazil and this kind of third part PCB can be a little expensive.
Thanks a lot.


If the board is how I think it is, and the Turbo button uses rubber domes for switches, placing a piece of electric tape between the button contacts and the dome will render the button unusable, and the best thing is as its just a piece of electric tape it’s completely reversible.


Could it be so simple? I wil tell him to try, everything would be easier if I live at the same city of this friend of mine hehe
Thanks man. I’ll tell here if it works
Edit: he told me that already toke off the wire that connects the turbo button with the pcb and the problem continues, so it cant’t be the contact rubber


Something shorting out on the main board?


Hard to tell, he never modded this arcade, i think i’s more likely to be some pcb mal function.


Not necessarily so, all it takes is a tiny metal filing or even a dead bug to get inside a make a short


anyone got a PSD for the vewlix 8 button layout for v3? links in this thread are old and dead.


Mirror for the template (and apparently a 2nd version) can be found in this thread:


http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/downloads/Art Hobbies V3 and VX Top Template.psd


Mirror for the template (and apparently a 2nd version) can be found in this thread:

Edit: 3 known versions are listed at the Stick Artwork thread: The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/downloads/Art Hobbies V3 and VX Top Template.psd