Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 "SA" Thread - (Available Now! Check OP!)

Hi, I just bought the arcana heart version of that stick for ps3, and it doesn’t work on my windows 7 64. Oddly enough, the stick is recognized but would’nt install properly. Do you have any idea about some drivers or things I could do to make it work ?

Just finished my stick. I think it came out pretty good. Big thanks to d3v for the artwork

hello im interesting in buying this stick but i have some [S]dumb[/S] questions about it:
do i need “kitty” for dualmod? and if it can be dualmodded has to be 360 stick?

Because ps3 looks cooler than x360 with black and white buttons

Cannot use Kitty.
Can Dual Mod either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

I want to dual mod my HRAP VX-SA for 360, what is the first thing I do and also is it possible to turn this stick into a hitbox?

My vx sa is dual modded using a madcatz fightpad, i did not follow any tutorials since i have been doing it for years now.
check this one out Dual modding 101 it was written by our very own nerrage so it should be packed full of good tips and info.

As for VX SA hitbox
Yes and then some

I really want to do the same to my ps3 VX SA using a fightpad, but i really want to know if its possible to keep the turbo panel working or does it just sit there and look pretty?

Can make work.

That is sweet, when I order it for hitbox without start where do you recommend the start button be put? Or do you like where they put it on this model? And also for the cover size it sounds like the smaller option is better but what are the benefits to the thicker regular vs slim option?

Also as for the tutorial you linked I will invest some time into that but first, hitbox!

edit: How does this screw in btw? I guess I need to drill into my stick right? No biggie.

And the hitbox replacing the directional, how hard is this part of the installation?

And…now to look for ps360 board or some sort…

edit: Also I guess I have to order the 30mm and 24mm buttons for the hitbox as well right while I’m getting parts o.o

Like JDM said you can make it work my turbo panel for my ps3 still works, i could have made it work for my 360 as well but i dont use turbo so i did not bother with it. Also the ps button up there is also home when connected to my 360.

  1. i like the start button where it is. if you dont and you would like it placed somewhere else on the metal panel then that would be a custom order panel. this means that you would be able to make your own layout if you wanted or simply keep it the same and move the start button to where you would like it.

  2. thicker for thinner.
    thinner is almost flush within the casing so for those who dont like any play on the wrists this is perfect. thicker is there for people who may think that the thinner lexan cover may to flimsy or just like a thicker piece. I used to say that the thinner lexan piece would try to bend around the buttons but because of the way i cut the buttons holes that is no longer a problem, it sits perfectly flat. so i believe it is just comes down to personal preference. I personally like the thinner piece because of the flushness.

  3. No drilling at all. I have made this panels in a way that they are simple drop in replacements. Although it may not look like it, underneath the stock sticker of the V3 SA there is a metal panel and it has 6 screws securing it to the case. what i did was find out what type of screws these were and got them as long as they needed to be in order to secure the panel and cover to the case. if you look at the pic closely you can see that there are 6 screws that are securing the panel to the stick. so no need for drilling or modification.

  4. I connected all my signals to a db15 connector, however it is really simple to modify the cable. Cut the end of the cable that connects to the jlf. crimp qds on the signals and daisy chain the ground. It is really that simple.

Last question OBDSF 30 vs 24, I have extra sanwa denshis that came with my Hori and I replaced them with white ones. Does that mean all the buttons on this stick are 24 minus the 30 and that I need 8 new 24s or do I just need 1x of OBDSF30? I already ordered my faceplate just curious about buttons.

can anyone confirm that pcb in V3 SA(ps3 version) is common ground? Thanks.

does anybody have the pcb pinout for the VX-SA so i can dual mod with a chimp?




Thanks, you are the man

Umm, I just got my Real Arcade Pro VX SA out of the box and it randomly cuts on and off. Can’t play anything. is this a documented problem? And more importantly is there anyway to fix it?

EDIT: It’s a 360 stick and i’ve never had problems with HORI sticks like this before. And i’m on windows 7, if that helps.

just got mine and loving it. wanted to know how you guys change the template. tried one that was provided on the thread and the measurements are kinda off. can someone post am exact template :frowning: please


If you are referring to an art template, try the one on my site
it is under RAP V3/VX SA title vewlix template(stock)

thank you very much i’ll check on these templates :slight_smile:

thank you sir!