Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 "SA" Thread - (Available Now! Check OP!)

Madcatz 4716, but you get the idea I guess.

Oh man it’s going to be one messy mess lol. I was hoping for a more detail pic about the wiring but I think I’ll figure it out if I work on it. I probably just gonna leave it and get a 360 TE for dual mod.

So a few weeks after getting the limited edition version of Arcana Heart 3, I found the HRAP V3-SA version, woohoo!

Hey guys. I’m in progress of dual modding the V3 SA stick with a IMP and Madcatz fightpad. I ran into a problem because I don’t know where the select button is on the board. I think I have gotten the JLF out and the other buttons are pretty obvious because it’s printed on the board. Can someone post a V3 SA PCB lay out for me? Thanks

PS: Nvm found one. Here it is for whoever need it in the future:


NOTE: Right and Left are swapped in the picture. 3 = Left and 2 = Right

I’m going to buy a V3 SA, does anyone in IL Chicagoland area do dual modding? The main reason I’m getting the stick is to have it dual modded for xbox so I can play on both systems. If no one in IL anyone in surrounding area I can get in touch with to dual mod? I’m a total noob to this dual mod shit.

That red casing is just too sexy I think I might have to pick that up and get a plexi for it.

You might want to check out this thread here for a local modder,

if you dont have a local modder you can hit up j & j (& j)
They do amazing work

Thank you to you sikwidit. :lovin:

Yeah, it’s hella sexy! Good luck finding one because it took me forever to locate one after it was originally released (~Jan. 2011). I bought the original black case version 3 different times & the white 360 case-only version once (I got a good deal each time, LOL) yet, I sold each one of them because I just wasn’t feeling them even though I love the wrist rest angle compared to a TE. Yes, I know it’s just different artwork & case color but man, this thing pops out at you (in a good way) so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! Also, I love the fact this is rare compared to those other 2. The only other version I’d like to get is the Seimitsu (V3-SE). Besides Amazon Japan, I’ve only seen it once & that was on eBay…& there’s no way I was gonna pay $275 for it, LOL!


I’m kind of hoping Hori gets a clue and at least do a limited release of HRAP SE’s in the US. I think there are enough that like Seimitsu parts that would buy them! The import prices just suck. They weren’t that expensive to begin with!

I’m passing on the UMC V3 SA because I just don’t like the artwork… Also, not crazy about the color mold of the plastic. It looks to be gray this time…

As much as I like Seimitsu, I don’t think there’s enough interest here in the states for a HRAP SE of any sorts. If there was then Madcatz would’ve released one by now, LOL! I think the UMC V3-SA case is black. The gray you’re referring to looks like it’s just the lighting in the pic (since another pic shows it being black) but can anyone confirm? Yeah, I’m not feeling it either regardless if it’s a black or gray case.

any case modding required to install the LS-32-01? I have the regular V3SA and would rather have one of those than a JLF.

No need at all.


Courtesy of GeorgeC.


As others have confirmed, no case modding required. Just remember to flip the harness 180-degrees then connect.

I just got a VX-SA yesterday that I ordered from amazon, and I am encountering a problem where it “randomly” disconnects for very brief periods (like 1-2 secs) then reconnects on its own. Has anyone ever had this happen or would anyone know what could cause this, like if it’s something simple that I can pop this mug open for (which I haven’t done yet) or if I should just deem it defective and send it back? Thanks in advance for any advice y’all can give

Thank you.

Fo sho! Enjoy!

Double check the extension cable on the end of the USB is snug and tight on there. If you open it you’ll void warranty, but if you don’t care, then open the bottom plate and follow the USB wiring. Make sure it’s pushed in all the way. Amazon has a good return policy so you might want to go that route.

Just return it to amazon and get a new one send you to. No need to risk voiding the warranty. It’s either the cable or faulty pcb.

Just ordered two LS-32-01s from Paradise Arcade Shop, one for the V3-SA and one for the VX-SA. Hoping I get them by next Friday then I can try to sell the JLfs and get a pizza or two with the money.