Hori Real Arcade Pro VX - SA : Connection problems for XBOX

Hey guys, i’ve bought one of my Hori vx - sa sticks for the xbox. The problem i am having is as follows:

When connecting to the XBOX it gives me a flashing light around the xbox home button constantly and never a steady green light for recognition.

However it seems to work perfectly on my PC.

I just don’t know what the problem is i wouldn’t say the stick is old or anything neither a problem with the cable. Its actualy my first time connecting it to the XBOX im more of a PC fighting gamers. I just thought ill try it out on my xbox and this was the problem i had.

Constant flashing green light.

Any help would be amazingly appreciated.

I have a similar problem. I got it working by using a usb extension cord on the stick (got mine at radio shack). For some reason it doesn’t run without it when it acts up.

The USB cables that Hori uses are very bad quality. <div><br></div><div>Either do the suggestion above or look into replacing the USB cable completely. This will require soldering.</div>