Hori Real Arcade Pro. VX SA Kai any modding problems?

Hello everyone, I’m really new to arcade sticks and I’m most likely going to get a vx sa kai as my first arcade stick. I’m going to definitely get it dual modded because all of my local places switch between ps3 and xbox, and I have some games on one and some on the other. I haven’t heard much about this arcade stick so I was wondering if there are any problems with it related to modding. What I would probably want to mod is dual modding, the buttons, and face art. I’ve read that it’s pretty small inside the stick itself, and I don’t know if that could effect anything.

As long as you are getting quality parts you aren’t going to have performance issues.
Buttons are very straight forwards, so are changing ball tops

Applying new art is not a issue as long as its flat and even.

The area that will vary is the actual dual-mod and that depends on if you wire everything correctly.

Small doesn’t begin to describe the interior of the HRAP V3/VX case…


The buttons are also a pain-in-the-butt to swap for all but people with the smallest hands, thinnest fingers.

PCB shouldn’t be that bad an issue as long as the new add-on PCB isn’t that big/doesn’t take much volume.

Only other issue is swapping the art. The only possible way to do that is to rip off the original art. It was not made for easy replacments… the screws that hold the faceplate onto the case are underneath the sticker art!

(People usually end up having to tackle the art issue on the HRAP V3/VX if they keep the joystick long enough. The artwork tends to get worn quickly if you use the joystick in tournaments. IF you really like the old art that much and know Photoshop, it might be a good idea to scan it and save as an image file while the faceplate art still looks new!)

Luckily, Hori went back to the old style cap socket screw arrangement they used on the HRAP 1/2/3 SA model joysticks. That’s much more mod-friendly for art swaps even if they screwed up the joystick mount area in the newer-style HRAP’s.

I have the hori SCV stick and after I saw the picture of VX SA Kai, I’m pretty sure they use the same pcb as the control/turbo panel is the same.

I used a chimp smd pcb to dualmod it.
It autodetects and less soldering

I’ll post a pic if I have the time to open it

Quick question about the Kai. I recently bought one new . There’s a minor defect on it . Under the mk button there’s a slight bump. It’s not affecting game play or anything but I was wondering is there something underneath that might be causing the bump? And if i were to replace the art and add a plexi , would there be a chance that the bump will disappear ? I’m new to sticks so I don’t really know how they are constructed thanks !

Well… I always get back to this post…

anyway, I saw he S type with the Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA…
I can get an **Hori Real Arcade Stick Pro VX DS **.

same hardware and so same Lag or not ? Hori Real Arcade Stick Pro VX DS = Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA ?
Can someone confirm this ?