Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai -VS- Hori Dead or Alive 5 Stick

Ive been reading and surfing the web for 4 days, and i have to make a decision now…
its between the ‘‘Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai’’ or ‘‘the Hori Dead or Alive 5’’ Stick…(both xbox360 versions)
my first choice was the ‘‘Madcatz Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO’’ but i can only get it Ps3 version and i don’t trust it to work with pc…

my main goal is to play neogeo emu on pc…
any help very much appreciated!!

Either stick should be fine.

If you don’t have a preference then just go for the cheapest.

Ai wicked man thanks for the fast response!!

the Hori. Dead or Alive 5 is €108
and the HRAP vx sa kai is €123

so not much difference…
ill go for the DOA one than i think…

Done it will be here friday :slight_smile: thanks!!

where is the doa stick 108?

in the netherlands… i got it here for a bit more https://all4games.nl (€115) faster delivery and good reviews…

Both are decent joysticks but I personally preferred the newer design (the HRAP N3 SA used for SC V, DOA 5, TTT 2). It’s one of the more solid designs of the past year or two. My main complaints about the HRAP V3/VX have been the art customization issue being more difficult with the screws hidden under the faceplate sticker as well as the cramped interior space that makes button removal difficult.

The main issue with the HRAP N3 SA is the limited space for joystick lever replacement. Oh, the Sanwa JLF and anything smaller fits into the case fine but you’ll definitely find larger and alternate levers like the LS-32 and Crown CW-303FK harder to put in without contortion or cutting interior plastic to fit them in.

All joystick cases have their quirks… No design is perfect; they’re mass market and driven by need to appeal to the largest number of people and some quality gets sacrificed along the way (whether companies admit or not). If you’re half-sane and DON’T mod like a good chunk of people on Tech Talk do, then the issues I highlighted with these Hori joysticks are moot.

They’re both still good but I personally found the N3 case to be just a tiny bit more comfortable…

Aight oke thanks George, i hope i will be satisfied with the HRAP N3 SA standart lever and don’t have to replace it…
There is also not a lot of choice here in holland, or id have to import and pay ridiculous shipping costs… i was looking at the qanba stuff 50$ for shipping… damn.

Just a quick FYI, the DOA5 stick is the HRAP A3 SA since it has the Sega Astro layout and not the Namco Noir layout. There are subtle differences between both that aren’t obvious at first glance.

Ai oke, i thought it was N3… good to know thanks!