HORI Real Arcade Pro VX SA KAI works on PC?


Will this work on PC / GGPO / Final Burn Alpha?


Guy reported problems here:

Wondering if anyone can confirm it’s working?


There is instructions how to get it working in the product reviews.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for PC April 4, 2014
By John Chen
Platform for Display:Xbox 360|Verified Purchase
Great stick, I’m currently using it to play SSFIV AE on the PC.

At first this stick was incompatible with my PC, as I have windows 7 x64. The RAP.NX driver was installed but windows said it failed. As a result, the stick initially didn’t work with my PC. You have to:

  1. Download and install xbox 360 accessories drivers from microsoft.
  2. Go to device manager, select RAP.NX and click update driver.
  3. Select driver manually from the list from my PC.
  4. Choose the Microsoft controller class and choose the xbox 360 controller 2009 version (it tells you not compatible but do it anyways)

The stick should now work, you’re simply overriding the bad driver initially installed with the working Microsoft gamepad one.

Buttons are top-notch and have good sensitivity.


Thank you mate. Still pretty nervous buying this!! Hrm…


Xbox 360 licensed sticks are usually compatible with PCs. Not guaranteed, though…

I purchased a fighting edge x360 recently and it was plug & play. Don’t see why vx sa would be much different


Theres another thread where the above fix worked for a few others also, i purchased this stcik from amazon last night so ill tell you in a few weeks when it gets to Australia lol


I bought it too! I read several people got it working with forcing a driver. Should be okay with a bit of fiddling.