Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Questions

Good Morning!

I just bought an HRAP VX SA and I’m looking for info on how to mod it. I’ve already bought buttons and a mesh top, and i’m working on getting art, but i’m looking to dual mod it as well. I’ll keep looking around the forums but currently there are like 10,000 threads in here so it may take awhile. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be great… Couple of preliminary questions:

-Compared to other sticks, how dificult is this one to mod?
-besides things like dual modding or adding art, how else are people modding their sticks?

I just want to have a decent stick when i go to EVO. Been training hard to make the best of the experience. Any help appreciated whether its advice or if just pointing me in the right direction.


You should truly start here:

It contains all the necessary links to all the products and guides you’ll need.

ps - you really didnt need a new thread either.

Good luck with the mod!

Ok I checked most of that out and a couple of notes:

-there really isn’t a whole lot of info on HRAP VX/3 SA

yeah that’s pretty much it. I found random threads of guys like me asking random questions but nowhere really where somoene has done serious mods to one or anything like that. But its cool, i’ll start off small and work my way up.

I just got the stick yesterday in the mail and played on it for about 6 hours. Holy shit this thing is amazing. Not sure why it feels so different that other sticks (I also have a MC SE, MC TE-S and a Hori Tekken 6 stick) but i am seriously in love with this thing. I’m gonna work on the art as best as I can but i’m just not sure where to go from there. I already bought a mesh balltop, a clear dustwasher, and clearbuttons so my art comes through, but beyond putting art on it, i’m not sure what else i can do. I mean, i can’t even find PLEXIGLASS to buy! lol I’m basically ready to throw my wallet at any type of Hori accessory for the VX SA and there’s nothing there :(. Any ideas? Please let me know…

Who da man? Oh yeah that’s right
Thanks! This is a large chunk of what i’m looking for.

As for dual-modding, hit up Toodles’ Cthulu thread, or just head over to godlikecontrols.com. It’ll require some soldering, but adding one of those is maybe the most graceful way to dual-mod a VX-SA. (I bitch at him all the time about making a Kitty for the VX-SA, but he’s got too many projects on his plate as it is.)

I’ve been contemplating this exact thing for some time now–those VX-SAs (and their V3-SA siblings) are amazing. Gotta love the start button on the face–it’s like sitting at a Vewlix cab!

Anywho, happy hunting. I’m looking forward to pics of the finished product.

I am LOVING this damn stick lol. So here’s an update.

Received the black-clear buttons in the mail. Black/clear balltop is coming. thought i was mesh but that kind of doesnt’ make sense but we’ll see lol.

Clear dustcover is on the way, as well as a Paewang PCB. I think now i have to figure out what to do with the case itself. Any ideas??? Maybe i can paint it, but i haven’t seen a bunch of people painting VX/V3 SAs… still looking around tech talk for ideas…

OOOOOOHHH YEEEAAAAAAHHHH got my PCB today. Already had the buttons. Waiting for the balltop still. Also waiting for the art/plexi… But its time to get to soldering! anyone know which thread explains that? i’m looking around right now…

EDIT - nvm I think i found it here:

Anyone know any other threads that will help out? Gonna be soldering in about 4 hours…

Okay doing this is actually really straightforward and the tutorial basically covers it in its entirety

You’ll have 2 sets of lines for each button, but what you can do is you know one side is ground and one side is signal. Choose 1 wire of each button and just splice them together and then link that to any ground point. Buttons are easy enough to do as well

As for select and home, if you look under the glue of the top panel where the wire harnesses link to the top pcb, expose some of that glue and look behind and you’ll see which wires are marked as signal for that pcb.

Joystick-wise, just look in the harness point from the vx pcb and figure out which wire is which and you’re set

I like your little blog here about your vx sa, I’m looking to purchase one and I’m looking to find one on the cheap because I love the way they look but I’m glad to hear that they also play and feel amazing. Hope I can find one.

Ok so I spent, pretty much ALL NIGHT with this damn PCB and here are a few notes:

-fuck soldering
-Because turbo, home, and back have no actual buttons (like all the other buttons), it is dificult to find how to attach them to the PCB. However, I just seperated the back and the turbo wires from the ribbons and used those. However the ground for those needs to be attached somewhere. As it turns out, I had to leave the old PCB in to create a ground for home, turbo, and back. I was able to connect Home and back, but ran out of wires so i coupled turbo and back so that when i push it i get back, and if I hold it I get turbo/switch consoles.
-I was maybe 90% successful. It seems I have 2 buttons that are not working, so I’m going to take those wires off of the PCB and solder them to the other side since there’s more room. Hopefully they will work then. Also, on my joystick, when I press any direction in combination with left, I always get Left-up. So I’ve got a left up overriding my other directions. Easy fix. but i was super tired so I will finish it today.
-Fuck Soldering
-I actually got the hang of it towards midnight, but i had the most dificult time getting the solder to actually come off of the Iron. it was just building up and then not coming off on the PCB. Very frustrating stuff.
-Also, I burned one of my “ground” points. The one all the way at the end of the button section. Can someone tell me how bad this is? If it had’ve been another piece, would I need to start all over with a new PCB?

All that being said, I’m mildly happy with how it went. Honestly, i will probably buy another Paewang PCB and start from scratch now that I have a little experience. I honestly thought it would be easier, but man, it is super dificult, and I’m not sure how to make it easier.

anyway, I’ll be building/experimenting tonight. Good thing i have more than one stick!

any advice seriously OMG this shit is killing me man someone help lol.


Ok so after much consideration and deliberation, I decided i’m going to remove everything from the PCB and restart. . Unfortunatly I bought the PCB without any of the stuff that goes a long with it to minimize my soldering. so it’ll be a couple of days, but I bought the Button Harness and the joystick harness that were created for the Paewang to make things easier. It looks like i’ll make the following changes:

-Remove the button wires and use the Button Harness to clean up the wiring. This should also make ALL of my buttons work.
-remove the joystick wires and use the Joystick harness to clearn up. This should make all directions work correctly.
-remove all of the grounds since they are included in the harnesses, to free up some space in the middle of the PCB.
-Find a way to mount it.

Here’s where I 'm stuck. How do mount this thing in a VX SA? Also, is there a way for me to make the lights on the home button work? if so that would be PIMP. Otherwise, I might cut out a litte more of the area around the home button and the back button, take it out, and install a normal button or some flashing shit or something else right there. That way i don’t need to worry about the board behind home/back/turbo and that leaves some space to install something else. What? I have no idea lol. Ideas on any of this stuff???

One last thought… it will be a few days before I can do anything with this, so i’m going to keep working on it. If i get it to work 100% before i get the harnesses then ill let you guys know.


did you even watch the soldering 101 video?


yeah I did. I dont’ know why my soldering iron was doing what it was doing. I do know that my soldering iron is bigger than his though… maybe i should try to find a smaller one? The thing is, solder wouldn’t some off of the iron and go onto the connectors. I also watched th Focusattack.com video explaining how to solder the PCB. I’ve used soldering iron’s before but just not on such a small scale (I used to make stained glass).

I don’t know. I’m going to try to see if the custom wiring works, but if it doesn’t, i’m just going to buy another PCB and start over. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

that sounds like lead free solder?

Hmmmm… the one i got was specifically for Electronics… that’s why I got it. It acted really weird though, and it got hotter than what i’m used to, it burned my board lol, and i was like what in THE fuck!!!

but let me check on it. The solder that I used to use back in the day was like liquid and didn’t stick to the soldering iron at all unless i was trying to make it stick on there.

ah shit. just figured it out… I’ll update later…

Alright alright alright! Got a better soldering iron and got this bad boy hooked up! Couple of notes:

-The soldering job is, I’ll say, 85% perfect! I found that you just need a spec of solder (duh lol) to hold stuff together
-I fixed the issues with the home/back/turbo. The difficult thing is that there are no regular buttons for those. On this stick, you have a tiny back button and the Xbox button wired as ribbons, so I had to find the regular wires, detach them from the ribbon, cut them, and wire then to the proper spots on the PCB. The grounds for these, however, are grouped with the turbo button strip…
-to fix this, I had to detach and cut the grounds from the turbo strip. The turbo strip was discarded, since there’s no way to link it to the PCB, and I coupled turbo and back on the PCB. So if I want turbo, I just hold the back button down, and press the button I want turbo for. Otherwise the back button works as usual.
-I, like a dumbass, cut the wrong end of the original joystick harness… But it was a quick fix by soldering the wires directly to the pins on the joystick. IMO it looks better, but will make for a more difficult joystick swap later (which probably won’t happen for a long time.
-turbo is the best turbo ever IMO. I haven’t tested to see if this works on a PS3 yet…going to test tomorrow!
-even though this does work, I am actually going to remove all of this stuff and place it in a tekken 6 stick I’ll be modding soon. I’ve ordered brand new everything… New PCB, the actual button and joystick wiring harnesses, etc etc and I’ll do a clean pretty install for the VX SA. With the experience it should be easy to transfer in no time. Until I receive my equipment, I’ll test out the PCB as is.

I’m very happy with the install, and am planning my the painting of the stick (something else I can mess up lol) I would show pics of the job but while I think the soldering is decent, and wiring looks a mess even though I’ve grouped them with zip ties. Thing is, I didn’t cut any wire that I didn’t need nor another button. So each wire is like 2 feet long lmao. I’m sure there’s nothing in there you guys haven’t seen before. I’ll just show the finished product. Still waiting on art, plexi, and ball top. I’m good for now though.

Posted this in the Paewang forum. But i really need help on this… man i’m stumped:

Ok so i have no idea what just happened.

I modded my stick with the joytron, and i’ve been playing on it no issues for about a week. Last night I was playing SFxT, and all of a sudden (no drops or nothing) LK and Turbo fused together… ? And what’s worse, LK is being held down on the board somehow. So basically if I hit turbo, LK comes out and doesn’t stop coming out even when I release the button. I mean the Joytron doesn’t look like that at all… the LK looks fine. the ground for the LK looks fine. the Turbo looks fine. The ground for the turbo looks fine. But now, NOTHING comes out when I press LK, and when I press Turbo (to switch consoles) Turbo LK just keeps pressing the button going through my menus and shit.

I even took the entire thing apart… took all of the wires off of the PCB, and connected ONLY Turbo. when I press turbo the exact same thing happens.

Please note. ALL of the other buttons including the joystick work just fine. Just LK for some reason… Any advice?

Honestly I will buy another one, but I just would like to play something in the meantime. Man what a fucking time for this thing to break on me…