Hori Ripoff: GameFighter Stick!

Hori Ripoff: GameFighter Stick!pics


yeah, that’s USB AND PS2.

i just got the thing. it looks like shit. the parts are shit too. the buttons are so WEIRD. they’re screw-ins, but theyc have hori-style microswitches AND little individual PCBs. the button layout is kind of clunky and awkward, but i don’t think it’s that much of an issue.

the PCB, however, is great. plug and play on Win XP, and works on PS to whatever converters. awesome.

the casing… well… it’s quite interesting. you guys know how the original SC2 / Tekken 4 horis were just SLIGHTLY too short for Sanwas to fit? well this one’s just slightly taller than those Horis. i’ll try a mod tomorrow and see if i can close the case. (Probably Seimitsu mod.) i have absolutely no intention of keeping the stock parts anyway.

oh wtf, the stick is wired in a strange way. U and D are wired together, and so are L and R. the ground is separate from either. how do you hack these things? i’ve tried it before, but to no avail.


Front shot
Dhalsim s.hp with SPIKY FISTS. awesome.
Insides (weird parts)

the button mod is very very easy. take the old ones out, stick the new ones in, get some QDs, Crimp/Solder, connect. i’m worried about messing up the stick though.

I love that font that says “game fighter”


Where can you get one of these? And think you could manage to get a picture of the inside?

It seems like one of those challenges that I would like to take upon myself.


Wow, that’s one horrible clone of the Soul Calibur logo.

i just fiddled with it a little more and found the following:

  • the PCB is tiny. just about the size of the Agetec PCB.
  • i forgot to mention the Turbo, Slow, and MACRO functions. you know what sucks? there’s no manual. i have no idea how to Macro.
  • the buttons are NOT 30mm buttons, but the holes are. that’s probably why the button arrangement looks so awkward. i bet that if i took everything off, the holes would look like the Hori Real Arcade PS.


Sorry, but i don’t know where it can be bought off the internet atm. i found it on this site, but i met up with the seller and bought it in person. you can hit him up on YM with the username “jeptall888”. he just might want to ship them. he doesn’t know anything AT ALL about technical stuff though.

i’ll get a better camera tomorrow and take pics all over.


holy crap, that’s not SLOW, that’s ANALOG. :frowning: i guess that explains why the directions were hooked up. X and Y +/- signals. how do you convert that to digital?

i thought editing the first post would change the thread title. oh well. pics on the first post.

What did it cost you?

I consider cheap sticks like these a base for modding. If they cost more than around US$40, I may as well build my own box for less.

just a little less than $30. i think it’s a good price for a case + PCB… if it can fit Sanwas / Seimitsus.

btw, the stick is structurally very close to the HFS2’s, except it’s a lot lighter and clunkier.

:rofl: Game fighter.

Seems like an interesting base for modding, especially if the pcb is good

it’s final: it won’t fit a Sanwa with proper height.

i currently have no Seimitsus to play around with, so i can’t see if it works.

and re: wiring of stick. it probably needs the direction switches to be wired in series.