Hori’s Fighting Edge Arcade Stick


Where can i get this stick? When i go to HORI-USA and hit check out for the stick I can choose my Country which is Canada, But i cant chose where in Canada, it still has the States. I try every thing to try and fix it,

So does any one know, what’s another place i can order the FE that ships to Canada?


You are going to need some middle man to make this possible.
[]Find a Re-shipping/ export service like Bongo International
]Find a friend in the US or Japan who can order one for you and ship it to you
Ether way you be spending more than someone just ordering the Hori FE stick in the US or Japan.
As you are paying for the stick and the local shipping + international shipping from your middle man and maybe an additional fee or incentive for the middle man to do this in the first place.