Hori,Sanwa or Seimitsu Joystick,


I have a custom fight stick which is made from the internals of one of these http://gizmodo.com/5161299/mad-catz-street-fighter-iv-fightsticks-review
Its took a thrashing and ive fiddled with the spring streching it. with sfv inbound was thinking of an upgrading buttons and stick, If I could I would like short throw, tight spring and no joystick play could anybody recommend a stick
I used a fighting edge a while ago with a Hori Hayabusa stick and that was awsome I know the JSF are popular but what about seimitsu? I have quite big hands and my custom stick has joy and buttons further apart (15cm) Felt like my hands where to close. Anyway gonna get the hori buttons as they have large faces any suggestions would be great


I can’t comment on Seimitsu, but for a short throw and tight spring, you could get a Sanwa JLF with Kowal actuator and 2 lb spring. Those are both options from Focus Attack http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-jlf-tp-8yt-joystick. I can really feel the difference between the standard spring and a 2LB spring and a Hayabusa feels loose compared to the 2LB JLF.


If you want a joystick with short throw distance and a tighter spring than the jlf you have 2 options the seimitsu ls-40 and the happ/IL competition/eurojoystick but i reccomend the ls-40 since the happ/IL even with their bulky springs tend to bounce around quite a lot also you might have problems installing them considering how big they are they might not fit also because they use individual .187 fasteners you’ll have to mod the original 5pin wire harness on your Madcatz se the ls-40-01 has NONE of these problems i listed and if you still don’t like it’s spring you can always install a tighter one but be sure it to be not too tight or otherwise you’ll get a stiff as hell stick


I bought sanwa jlf tp 8 yt joystick . Is there anyway to do this joystick no click ? Or do you suggest a joystick with no click ?


This is a repost from the QA thread…


Pretty much everything has been said already in response to the OP, except this.

Don’t stretch out a JLF spring. You’ll wear it out quicker and it’ll end up feeling even looser.

Just don’t do it ever.


just get an ls32, it’s got what you mentioned and you don’t have to mess with the sanwa




LS-56 with PAS uprated springs for short throw and higher spring resistance (I guess in your words that means tighter)


Suzo Inductive or Suzo 500 for even even less throw, but I’m not sure if they’ll fit in an MC SE without heavy modifications.


I really like seimitsu

Switched from american sticks