Hori SC2 Help

hi guys
i wanna mod this stick cause i had lot’s of problems with the “hori buttons”, and 3 switches are now in the trashcan

this is the picture of the stick


i was looking for the measures for the buttons and i think they don’t fit to my stick D:

any advice?

P.D: it uses 24mm diameter buttons , but the other measurements i think they don’t fit

i checked here (http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=118289) for the seimitsu’s PS-14-DN

I have the Gamecube version of this stick, and I’m pretty sure the buttons are 30mm, or somewhere in that area. 24mm buttons are usually used for start buttons, etc. You’d probably have to do some work on the button holes to allow for snap-in or screw-in Seimitsus or Sanwas to fit into the holes.

I had thought that the buttons on this stick were soldered to the PCB; from what you’re describing, that’s not the case, if you’ve removed three button microswtiches from the stick and replaced them. Do you have a picture of the guts of the stick? If the PCBs uses wires either soldered or QD’ed to the buttons, I might go ahead and look at replacing the buttons with Sanwas. I just got a VSHG for my PS3 and PC, and the Sanwa buttons feel much better than the Horis in the SC2 stick.

they were solded to the pcb
my real problem is to know if the seimitsu’s pushbuttons really fit the case ;_;


i don’t hace the wiring made, cause i went on rampage and i “disconnected” all buttons to prevent another switch to broke XD

Quit yer’ belly aching. I had this stick and 30mm Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons fit fine.

^ you tell em noob lol. Hey I love that virtua stick mod you did, you got me back into modding my ex2 like that ^^

Any advice on how to put a ls32 in this? The stick itself doesnt use the standard sanwa plug so I assume I would have ot desolder all the wires on the old stick and solder them in to the ls32. I managed to swap the buttons thus far, here are some pics.

When you remove the old stick you should have something that looks like this


You’re gonna have to use the ol’ dremel to cut all of that out like so


Then get a file and file the rest of the plastic like so


Take apart the mounting plate and use the mounting plate as a hold guide for the screws like so remember to mark the holes.


Grab the screws and screw the stick in all the way. After you screw in just dremel out the rest of the screw from the top of the stick.

P.S. I’m using the tychom.org/stick guide for foot notes lol.

I’ll check it out when my parts come in. It does look similar, except on this stick the mounting area isnt recessed into the stick like the agetec is.

Just gotta remember that you’re not going to use the mounting plate anymore

I thought the area was recessed and had the mounting holes for the stick sticking out of the recessed area? The Hori EX2 I have has the mounting area as the agetec.

Nope. On the sc2/tekken 4 its completely flush

When mounting the ls32 your going to have to check the height of the stick. I forgot what the exact mounting height is but if you check paik4lifes sticky it’ll tell you everything about dimensions and height. If the height isn’t right for the ls-32 then you’re going to have to dremel this area out that I marked. Do me a favor can you take a picture of the joystick mounting area without the joystick?


updated with pics of the inside without the stick.