Hori SCV stick issues


Hello everyone, I just purchased a Hori SCV stick (PS3) which I received on Thursday. It was working great, but today I was playing some MK9, when it stopped responding and the light indicating a connection was off. I unplugged it from the PS3, and plugged it back in the same USB slot. After a few, it did it again. I tried the other slot and it did it again.

I quit MK and popped Tekken 6 in, went to pick a character and suddenly couldn’t move or pick a character, yet the light was on this time.

Would anybody happen to have any advice as to what is going on inside this thing?


First thing i’d do is open it up and check that all the cables are connected to where they should be.

Opening the top won’t void the warranty but be careful that the nuts don’t fall into the case. If they do you’ll have to open it via the bottom to put them back in place anyway.


sounds like issues with the D- or D+ wires in the USB cord.



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