Hori SCV vs Madcatz Fightstick PRO

the hori and fightstick pro are both 110, which would be a better stick?

my brother was in this exact situation (or make a custom but that would cost more $$$). Anyhow he decided to go with the Hori SCV stick as he loves the space for his palms under the buttons. He tried it out recently and just ordered it today through amazon LOL. … Plus Hori makes really great products and madcatz quality control can be dodgy at times (although they have gotten better from what I hear). Hope i have helped…somewhat lol.

I just dont understand what madcatz does right to make the te and fightstick pro so popular.

Because they’re based in North America and their standards for the TE and FSP sticks far exceed everyone’s expectation to the point where they have become the standard for a mid end arcade sticks. That and thanks to Markman, support is excellent…try getting something replaced by Hori, good luck.

Not to rag on Hori but I love both companies just as much, but when you compare Mad Catz TE and FSP stick to the current Real Arcade Pro V series, I prefer Mad Catz.

Mad Catz also sponsors much more events and players than Hori as well.

Sticky thread exists for a reason.