Hori SF IV stick has QDs on stick?

I’ve asked around yesterday on doing a button mod since I already bought myself a soldering iron, Sanwa buttons and a solder sucker plus some wires/QDs.

Now my shop has just called me and I will be picking up my SF IV stick in a while, when I get home I’ll get to work at once.

I know the stick on the Hori is a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK, but I don’t know whether it’s wired like the T5 Hori or comes with QDs as well a la MadCatz TE/SEs.

Does anyone know? Because if not, I’m going to buy a harness and mod the wiring for easy future access as well.


which hori are you talking about? i have the real arcade pro ex for the 360 and its soldered on.

It’s this one bro:

actually i dont know what that stick is. lol

this is the hori for the xbox 360

this is the hori for the ps3

Buttons are soldered to the PCB like the T5 sticks.

? Are you talking about the stick on my link? It’s a Hori dude, it was the one that was released only in Japan, similar to the HRAP3, but with buttons soldered onto the PCB.

I just wanted to know if the stick itself has wires soldered to its microswitches or uses QD like on the MadCatz ones.

This is the insides of the SF4 Hori…

Hope this answers your question…!

This more than answers it, you basically showed the stick to me as if it was posing nude. XD

It looks like QD on the stick, good stuff, then I’ll fix the buttons with QDs myself. This mod shouldn’t take long eh guys? I’m only changing the buttons anyway.

If you’re only changing the buttons, that’s the pain in the ass part.

The stick has a wire harness on it, that part is easy.

Also that picture is another reason why we should be thanking Markman for the SE and TE. At least the Madcatz are just pop them in and go.

O_O I’m studying the picture again, it looks almost exactly the same as the insides of the T5 Hori stick!!!

What luck, I’ll just follow the T5 mod thread. :slight_smile:


So if a Hori stick has a wiring harness it does not have QD’s on the buttons.

If it has QD’s on the buttons the JLF is soldered on.

What is Hori’s issue?

XD I thought HRAP 3s have wiring harness on their JLFs?

God, how I love the SE internals compared to this. That’s very clean, but it’s so nice to be able to just pop out buttons and swap them out. Even on my oh so basic SE.

I think the EX-SE is most moddable Hori stick, but it already comes with great buttons and a great stick.

I think the HRAP1 Ver. A and the HRAP2/SA are the most moddable. :wink:

I respectfully disagree.

Never will I be thankful for getting conned.

I would have to disagree with you on this myself.

Markman was involved with the design of the stick, which in itself is very solid.

The problem falls on Madcatz Quality Control and their manufacturing, which is very poor, which is something that I doubt designers really have control over.

Regardless, the fact that they came in here for days up until the release touting about how great the SE and TE were going to be, how Madkatz was changing it’s image… the stock parts were acceptable, etc, this was all a lie. I’ll tell you how many of the original buttons from my SE are workng: 0.

I didn’t even have the washer problem, which was ridiculous, but having to bum buttons off of my friend’s ses when they got their parts is retarded in something that’s supposed to be mass marketable.

Whatever, I guess I’m being too picky about something that’s totally as a project going to cost me like… 160, when it should’ve been 120. God help me if the PCB dies, people will have hell to pay.

I see your point, and its understandable.

I guess I didn’t mind since I was always intending to get rid of the MC parts anyway, since getting a TE was going to be impossible.

I was too, but the fact that they broke a month before I got them was bullshit.

In fact, I still don’t have my parts.

Just feels like a con, after spending months talking up the SE and TE, Markman only appears in unrelated topics now- guilt?