Hori SNES Fighting Stick HNJ12: Seimitsu? Need help identifying

I bought another SNES/SFC Hori HNJ-12 stick and unlike the last one that I restored, this one has a stick with Matsushita switches, leading me to think it may be a Seimitsu. Can anyone confirm this from the picture below, and if it is, do you know what model it is? My first HNJ-12 had an Omron stick that felt nowhere near as good.


Man, if it weren’t for the weird yellow and green colors, I’d say that was an LS-56. Maybe they made it with different colored plastics originally?

Looks like a Seimitsu LS-33 to me.

apparently seimitsu lever, not any particular model, just seimitsu made.

check if the pivot is a metal washer or a conical pivot, it can be a modified LS-56 / NeoGeo AES lever design.

in this video, it shows it having a HORI clone lever.


Thanks, I’ll check for the washer or pivot tonight. Yes, that video shows the same stick that my first HNJ-12 had. I replaced it with a LS-32:

Seimitsu did made some custom parts for various controllers over the years.
The Neo Geo AES arcade sticks use custom LS-30 joystick

As you can see here The Neo Geo base compared to the LS-30 rotary joystick base

I think Seimitsu uses alternate colorzation for their more custom parts.

Thanks for the info Darksakul.

Here is the stick disassembled:

Its more than likely a custom version of the LS-55 as it lacks the plastic hemisphere pivot the LS-56 has.
If you have to replace the joystick, the LS-56 can be installed with little issues.

Interesting, thanks. It feels good, so I’ll try an octo-gate and LS-58 spring and see how it fares. I plan on powder coating the lower case and I have a set of PS-14-G buttons ordered.

that’s an LS-33. short shaft, flushed mounting, low-profile body (its shorter than LS-55/56/etc) and all. the only thing different is the actuator, i guess different material. even uses the same LS-33 spring (it’s super light tension). actuator is different material though.

seems like someone just dropped in an old LS-33 on that?

http://www.seimitsu.co.jp/buhin.html check the parts.

if you’re gonna use LS-56, use spacers or else height might be taller than desired.

Hibachi is right, its an LS-33 with a modified actuator, btw 55 would never use a spring that light.

I appreciate everyone’s help with this. Thanks!