Hori soul calibur V arcade stick plexi


Hello everyone, my names AJ and I’m new to the community.
I wanna say thank you ahead of time for the welcomes.

I just recently bought my first arcade stick, i know I’m late in the game and originally wanted to make my own but the Hori Soul Caliber V arcade stick at 2nd and Charles was for 30 bucks
and I could not pass that up because it was a steal! Anyways does anyone know anyone that does custom plexi glasses for it besides http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=18
I tried contacting them and I know the last time i saw something was 2012 but he hasn’t responded back. Any suggestions would be grateful, as I searched and searched and came up with nothing.
Im trying to do a skullgirl theme and make this my stick. I have already ordered the Sanwa gt y Octagonal restrictor gate.

Thank you again everyone.


moving to tech talk


thank you


There are other people who do plexis but you’ve got to look for them on your own for the most part… Google them.
Art’s got a solid reputation, though, and there’s no reason to go with most other people unless they can cut a better deal on pricing which I think is unlikely. Art’s prices are very fair. He’s reliable and you get your stuff from him when he says it’ll ship out which is generally within a two-week period. Unless you live in Europe and the shipping is too expensive, I’ve never seen a reason to go with anybody else on plexis unless they offer a service or custom part Art doesn’t. It’s kind of hard to find much of anything that Art doesn’t do with plexis and dustwashers!
I don’t think any webstore or other individual making plexis does as much as Art does. He’s made plexis for practically every mainline Mad Catz and Hori joystick of the past 5 years (with the exception of budget/economy-line joysticks which are sometimes harder to craft plexis for) and for quite a few of the classic joysticks that pop up more often in tournaments. Most other stores are pretty much limited to the Mad Catz TE joysticks and more popular HRAP’s like the classic HRAP. There’s no so much available for a lot of the newer style joysticks that I’ve noticed.

Oh, and I have the Hori Soul Calibur V joystick myself. I don’t know how you got an HRAP-level joystick like that for $30 unless the guy selling it had no idea what he had or was that desperate for cash. No way a joystick that big and with those features should be selling for much less than $90 unless it’s really beat up. The arcade parts alone in a full-up HRAP are worth at least $60.


Foehammer shop would probably be able to handle this job for you too. Plus custom etching if you wanted that. Was that $30 for a new stick!?!?


yeah 2nd Charles is a buy/sell/trade store that has electronics, books, movies, ect that is popular. I know that you can get the stick for $140 at lease on ebay and in stores i was finding them for no less than $110. but one day i went in there to see any new DJ equipment since thats what I do at night, and there it was on the shelf for that price next to other sticks of higher value. I grabbed it since I’ve been doing re-search on sticks and was quite funny how this was the sticks I was looking for (but DOA5). So took it to cashier to ask if i can look at it before buying, they took the security wire off and opened it and was amazed it still had the white wrap on it.
Long story short, took it home, tried it, worked. opened it up and wasnt worn down at all. clean too. So I scored!

I will try contacting art again. Ive been searching/ goggling and have come up with nothing besides them, unless i cut one myself, I do have a dermal.


Www.foehammershop.com, contact them and ask. They might be able to help you.