Hori Soul Calibur V fightstick help

Hey guys, i’ve searched for this and had no luck as it seems most don’t own a Hori SCV stick. But anyways I recently bought a custom artwork to replace the original design and I am trying to get the buttons out. The problem is I do not want to break anything since I am a noob and it is my first time modding a stick. The wires on the buttons will not seem to come up. So far all i’ve managed to do was changed the gate for the joystick. If anyone could help I’d greatly appreciate it!





nothings going to break

either use a flathead screw driver, or just wiggle them off side to side

Since there is already a thread here I am very curious on how to dual mod this. What type of PCB would I need and how difficult would it be.

Difficult? not at all.

What PCB you need? Well what you have in mind?
If you want to do a dual-mod and you already have a Xbox 360 Stick, all you need is a Toodles ChIMP

I was worried about the same thing my first time. Those clips are sturdier than they look. I used a pair of needle nose pliers and that worked just fine. Good luck!