Hori Stick for Wii


I guess people will be able to play GG properly on their Wiis. It looks cheaply made though.

from its appearance and price, i’m sure this is a alternate version of the hori fighting stick 3 (which is what the doa4 stick is). the fighting stick series is pretty much a bottom of the barrel stuff for hori. cheap, low-performance parts in general.

so yea… to put it simple, it probably won’t be a very good stick.

the box and the pcb should come in handy for building custom sticks, though.

well it looks pretty damn nice at least

Is the stick wireless?


yeah the upside is that the HSF3 is very easily modded with sanwa / happ
good release, i hope anyone picking up AC for Wii grabs one

That is hot. Now I am actually looking forward to AC now.

Oooo, never played SF2T for SNES on a stick before either… This shall be very interesting.

I’ve just been using my Sanwa custom on my Wii with a PS->GC converter and it works great. I do like the look of that one though and if I can easily mod it then I may have to try it out.

Looks cool.

Might wanna post in “Tech Talk” forum next time though.

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