Hori stick mini3 issue with ssf4ae on pc

the problem is the stick 's directions reported under " point of view hat " ,instead of joystick axes . the game won’t let me map pov/vuttons to directional controls.i try to use xpader and joy to key , but both don’t resolve the issue.On internet , i read someone make a driver for fighting stick hori 3 to make it work on pc , and press the button home to switch between pov and axes.i try to use this driver but didn’t work . So if someone can help me?

thanks , sorry for my english

Ignore joy to key or xpadder, you do not need it for Windows.

In many arcade sticks there should be a selector switch, the 3 positions are LS (left analog) DP (D-pad) and RS (right analog). If you are getting the PoV Hat, your stick is set to DP. For the joystick axis you need to set the stick to LS. I am not sure if the Hori minis has a stick selector switch.

Keep in mind this stick was meant fore the PS3, whats the PoV hat on your PC is the d-pad on the PS3, the D-pad works better on many PS3 fighting games. PC games don’t like using the PoV Hat.

it’s ok i found my answer ,xbox360 controller emultator fix my problem

how bout for Hori Fighting edge? It recognize all the buttons except for the stick directionals. Same as my first stick, I tried to look and test it at the Game Controller settings and all are working perfectly. This is on SSF4: AE for PC again. There’s no position switches on this I think.

Hi seishu, can you tell me how did you managed to get the hori fighting stick mini 3 working with emulators?? I’m having the same problem where I can’t setup movements on the emulator as it seems to be expecting a dpad on the controller… please help!!!