Hori stick vs other sticks

What the difference between a Hori stick and a Sanwa/Siemitsu sticks? I’ve checked the Faq but I still cant find any comparisons.

Just the feel of the stick and the buttons, really.

I have both a Hori EX2 (all hori parts) and a Madcatz Tournament Edition stick (with all sanwa parts).

The difference is the hori buttons are stiffer, and the stick has more resistance. But the sanwa stick and buttons are so sensitive the buttons trigger just by brushing over them with your palm or fingertips. The sanwa stick is “looser” in a way that makes it easier to execute motions, but some think it’s too loose and want more resistance.

In short. Hori = stiffer buttons and stick.
Sanwa = super sensitive buttons and very easy to push stick.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll get a HRAP SE then. I actually love my TE but wouldn’t mind more resistance in the stick.

I just played with a SE yesterday, the stick had very little resistance (maybe because it was a display model) but it also felt very cheap. The buttons had the sensitivity of sanwa’s but they’re taller and takes longer to hit the switches. Also, felt kinda mushy.

My bro has the SE. The stick has less travel than the Sanwa TE stick which I kinda like. Buttons are horrible though because they get stuck easily.

have 2 hori ex2s , a hrap and a te (sold te) . honestly i still to this day prefer the hori sticks for there resistance. i mostly use charge toons like balrog, bison and blanka and love the stiff feel feed back it gives me. on input display in training i barely have to move the stick and it regs easily. buttons are smidge stiffer than a te but i like em and they work great.

I dislike hori buttons, the stick feels the same to me as the other sticks, I guess since it’s sanwa. But the buttons to me feel weird, a lot bigger/thicker and feel slower.

Difference is the Hori manufactured buttons and sticks are lower quality than Seimitsu or Sanwas and wiill most likely conk out on you especially if you play a lot. The buttons in general are more stiff than the Sanwa buttons which require little effort to push down, while they are more comparable to Seimitsu’s in terms of resistance.

In general, from the more recent Hori manufactured sticks, the more compact arcade sticks like the EX2, FS3, and Wii Fightstick have actual Hori manufactured sticks. Because the cases are smaller, the shafts on those sticks are also smaller. I honestly think they are mostly crap but that is personal preference. The only Hori produced stick (that i’ve used) that was comparable to a Sanwa JLF was the Tekken 5 stick.

thanks bytek, i dont really care about the buttons, to me they all feel the same.

I created a stick thats about 10 times stiffer than a happ stick, and when i say stiff i mean i literally couldnt push it in any direction without leaning on the stick. It cost me $160 to make so I’m looking for a cheaper alternative before i spend an extra $160 to reduce the stiffness (long story).

The stick I modded was an old school suzo with the rubber centering block.

Hmmm, so I guess getting a HRAP-SA would be pointless then since it’s using the same Sanwa stick and buttons as the TE?

Yes a TE uses the same exact buttons and sticks as the HRAP-SA

I was getting to that, the HRAP has sanwa stick so you’d have the same feeling as the TE then. Only the buttons are different on that one.
Get the twice as cheap Hori EX2 ($50-60?) for a stiffer stick.

why would hori design a stick with sanwa parts?

Because they can, and because customers buy them. They’re not trying to compete with Sanwa when it comes to parts, they just design their own on cheaper sticks to reduce cost on their lower-end sticks.

I don’t know, why would Madcatz design a stick with Sanwa parts when it also produces parts?

Hori isn’t in the business of making parts, they are in the business of making arcade sticks. They design a stick that mimics the feel of a Japanese cabinet and thus use top quality parts on their higher end sticks. In the end you are paying for those quality parts versus if you were to get a Hori EX2 stick which is very much more affordable with lesser quality parts.

Madcatz designed the TE sticks with sanwa parts because Seth Killian started working with MC, and he wanted the community to have access to a serious quality arcade stick. So he chose Sanwa parts.

If i havent said it enough already…

HORI = garbage.


Hori buttons may be crappy, but their pcb is definitely alot better than madcatz.

Ah yes that would be true if the HRAP EX was common ground.