Hori Stick VX SA 360 dual mod for PS3?

Can anyone help in knowing if this is possible and what I require and how difficult the procedure would be.

Thank you

You need a Common ground PCB that does PS3 compatibility.
Dual Strike, Cthulhu, MC Cthulhu, ChImp and I think the VLX Kitty will work for dual-modding the VA SA.

How difficult depends on what route you take. The ChImp and VLX Kitty are to 2 easiest mods with the Kitty being the easier of the 2.
Although the VLX Kitty is designed for the VLX and not the VX so check Toodle’s Kitty thread. Because I am not sure how well the Kitty route will work.

ChImp will require some wire splicing/ soldering to connect the ChImp with the stock PCB but it will be your second easiest option

The Dual Strike, and Both Cthulhu PCBs require the most work and the Cthulhu will require a DPDT Switch or a Imp to switch between the 2 boards.

Check the Dual-mod 101 thread for details on Dual-mods

You can also get a Paewang PCB or a PS360+, Paewag is found on eTokki and the PS360+ I am not sure is released yet.

Chimp will be easiest for you.