Hori Stock Square Gate vs Sanwa Square Gate


So I modded my EX2 about 2 weeks ago with authentic parts, and put an octagonal gate into it. Didn’t like the gate so I swapped the stock Hori square gate back in. Now it’s working ok but not that amazing, and I was wondering if the Sanwa square gate that you can get at Lizard Lick (also the one that comes in the SF4 TE stick) was more responsive and of better quality. Basically what I want to know is would there be an advantage to me buying it or should I just save 5 bucks.


I swapped it out, it’s a bit bigger it seems and has a bit better throw. Might just be me, but the ex2 feels better with the Sanwa square gate in it for me.


I didnt saw this thread and posted this question in another one.I hope the sanwa gate to be better than the hori one


its like 2mm bigger isnt it? lol


How should I say this, Hori square feels less squarish than Sanwa square.

I have both of them, I actually prefer the Hori square gate feel.


This is true. It seems like the corners on the sanwa are sharper/ more defined.