Hori stock stick returning to centre problem

I have a hori stick and when it tries to return to centre after a quick flick it triggers the microswitch in the opposite direction.
for example when i flick the stick to the left(not even a hard flick), it goes left then bounces to the right when trying to return to center, and triggers the microswitch on the right! This is the hori stock stick i’m talking about.

I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem, Is this a problem with all loose japanese style sticks or is it just my stock hori?

I only notice it when i play tekken, the tekken stick i play in the arcade
doesn’t have this problem, i think the machine uses european suzo sticks which are quite stiff, but at least the controls are accurate.

I never had this problem with a sanwa or a seimitsu stick. One of the reasons I love japan sticks is because when they snap back they go to neutral. So i’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that man. If you can, mod it with a sanwa or a seimitsu then you shouldn’t have that problem. Funny that it only does it in one game though. Good luck man.

yeah, thanks, i’ll be modding it as soon as possible then, lol

it only happens in tekken cause some moves its more important for the stick to return to neutral, like wavedashing, and ewgf

my namco stick does the same thing… ive had it since '99 and it is hella LOOSE. when the stick gets really loose it tends to do that… especially when you are crouching and want to go neutral for WS moves but you jump instead. this usually happens in hori sticks if loose enough (namco stick is made by hori).