HORI street fighter 4 hrap3 edition

Please comment what you think of it, i just got it, and it took me 2 hours to get…

its just a HRAP3 but yea lol

http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422320_11.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422321_12.jpg
http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422342_1.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422343_2.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422344_3.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422345_4.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422346_5.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422347_6.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422348_7.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422349_8.jpg http://s1d3.turboimagehost.com/t/1422350_9.jpg
may upload pic in the inside when i replace the buttons

the buttons are soldered straight to the pcb, so no QD’s.

Does that come with the standard Hori buttons?


Man, that sucks. No QDs? That means its a gay version of the hrap 3. Cant even switch out buttons without soldering.
You coulve gotten a hrap3 for about a bill, thrown some sanwa buttons on it, printed out some artwork at kinkos for about 7 bucks and had a all sanwa stick with cool art for about a Buck Fifty.
It does have some nice artwork on it though. how much did it set you back?

Congrats on your Hori, they’re excellent.

Well that’s terrible. Why would they do such a thing? considering the HRAP1-3 have had QDs this version should of had them just the same.

The American released Tekken 5 anniversary stick by Hori had the PCB soldered directly to the buttons as well so this isn’t the first time that Hori has put out a bad stick in the RAP case.

It is extremely odd considering that they have a RAP model for both the PS3 and 360 with QD buttons available in both the U.S. and Japan that they would put out an inferior stick with SFIV art on it.

Perhaps it’s a cost issue, where making a QD stick is more expensive than soldering the PCB directly to the buttons. Has Hori made stick with licensed art where there are QD buttons? Perhaps the art license is cost prohibitive? Every stick with licensed artwork I’ve seen by Hori has had the PCB soldered to the buttons.

The Hori SFIV sticks are purely collector’s items out of the box and require an annoying amount of modification work on them to be competition ready. The MadCatz sticks are both collectible and the TE is competition stock ready, and the SE isn’t prohibitively difficult to modify with competition (or arcade) parts. Pretty odd to see MadCatz destroying Hori in who has the better Street Fighter stick.

dont like it

Get out of here, is that true? With those Hori buttons, I’d put that thing up on ebay and get something else.

Damn…ruined an otherwise good looking stick

Same thing with the Japanese T5 stick.

yea this has been mentioned hella already. DO NOT GET THIS STICK.

its basically a t5 ps2 hori with sf4 art.

No QDs?

lol whatta crap :rofl:

Good news is if he doesnt want to keep it, now is a good time to sell. Lots of people looking for sticks.

it was the last one in that shop, i actually saw it 5 days ago, then i was like, there is still alot so i will wait cause i just bought sf4 and some other stuff ( no more cash). today when i got it the price was from 950 HKD to 1180 HKD, i was like :annoy: so i started bargaining for the stick… 2 hours later i gave up and bought it lol

Anyways since that guy said it was soldered, better buy myself some of those plugs(QD) so i can put them on when i get my parts:sweat:

I wont sell it XD i love the artwork, i would of bought the hrap3 sa, cause it was 100 HKD cheaper

You guys act like soldering is impossible. Soldering irons are really cheap, and once you get the hang of it it’s really not too difficult.

The Arcana Hearts HRAP’s the same way no QDs and I think the Fate Unlimited Codes one is like this as well.

I thought people knew about the gimp’d status of this stick?

It made me sad… I bought one of these too…

Yeah i remeber you saying this stick sucked Markman. Thanks for the heads up. I got a HRAP3 bought Sanwa buttons and ball top, Octagon gate. and doing custom art. All for about $160.

The most important question is what about the Joystick mount? Is it the same as the T5 stick with plastics or is it like a real HRAP3 with metal mounting holes?