Hori street fighter 4


could anybody tell me
for certain if the buttons on the hori street fighter 4 are soldered to the pcb and also a quick double check on the sanwa stick all help much appreciated (i read buttons were soldered but as far as i am aware all other variants are qdc’s)


the 360 stick is the ex2 with art and the ps3 has qd’s according to ELECTROPR1NZ


The PS3 one has QD, I have it.


school boy error i should have mentioned i was talking about ps3.
could you tell me how you know it it is qdc’s because i just want know for certain as i want to mod it and do want to buy it and then realise i then have to buy a soldering iron.


i don think it is qdc (i am referring to the SFIV hrap3)


Don’t want to sound patronising here but i would say he probably knows it has QDC’s cos he’s took the bottom of it and had a look inside.


There was some pictures taken of the inside of the Hori SFIV PS3 stick, and the buttons were soldered to the PCB. I’d get the link, but the search function just crapped out on me again. :bluu:


Is this what you meant?:



that is not a Hori SF4 PS3 stick


No, that’s the inside of an older Hori stick (or judging from the artwork in the album, a knock-off brand). We’re talking about the Hori stick for PS3 that looks like an HRAP with SFIV artwork on it.


the SF4 limited edition Hori stick for PS3 with Ryu on front is NOT quick disconnect…for whatever reason, they soldered everything. Just get a normal hrap3, plus you can always put ur own artwork and customize everything else!!


talking shit eh? The SFIV version with Ryu ( & Ken ) HAS quick disonnects. I actually have that stick for the PS3 and I modded the buttons so I would know.


The SFIV Hori stick for the PS3 has buttons SOLDERED TO THE PCB…

ELECTROPR1NZ please post pictures of your Hori SFIV stick with QD buttons out of the box.



Here’s the pic of the official Hori PS3 SFIV stick. Last pic in the post shows the buttons are soldered to the PCB. I’d love to know how you managed to get a Hori SFIV stick that had QDs instead of of this.


Alright, I’ll post some tomorrow. BTW my pcb is yellowish and it came with QD’s


who is talking shit besides you bud? If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything, that was basically uncalled for…


Yeah you’re right, I apologize. Im to explosive x_x Anyways I’ll have the pics up by tomorrow.


all good man


I’d love to see this. Looking forward to the pics. Thanks in advance.


so either he lied about the pics or he is seriously taking his sweet time trying to make the stick the way he claimed it was haha…no offense man but next time you feel “too explosive” maybe you should have your concrete evidence on hand…just a suggestion! Happy gaming!