Hori Suggoi Arcana Heart Stick


Well, after being extorted for shipping and then extorted again for customs on the way into the UK, I finally got my hands on the Suggoi Arcana Heart arcade stick.

It rocks :slight_smile:


nice stuff, I want! how much did it cost ya?


nice looking stick. i wish they would have used a different color for the start and select buttons though.

do you know anything about the insides? quick disconnects?


All I have to say is…



Looks awesome man. The hori sah was what originally made me go with pink buttons/bubbletop on my custom lol


I haven’t had the time yet to open it up and have a look inside. Its not something I have done before so I will need to work up the courage :wink:

And I agree that the start/select buttons should have been a different colour. The yellow really contrasts with the pink/white colour scheme. If the buttons are on QDs when I open it up, I may investigate a little upgrade to some white 24mm buttons :slight_smile:


Just a quick question:

Buttons are Hori or sanwa in this model?



If they follow standard protocol for sticks like this, they’ll be soldered-in-to-the-PCB stock Hori.

Stop, take a breath, and remind yourself it is moddable!

Other than that, I kind of like the pastel color scheme.

Sure, it’s girly, but it’s SSSSSOOOOOO cute! :lovin:

Seriously, though, it is a nice looking stick.

KEEP that art at all costs even if you swap out the buttons and stick later on!


I really like the box it came in, nice artwork. Pity it was mistreated on its way to you.
Also agree with GeorgeC, if you mod it, keep the nice artwork.


On top of keeping the original art, I wouldn’t change the pushbutton colors IF you decide to mod the stick with Sanwa pushbuttons. They DO have pushbuttons that match the stock Hori colors. Not so sure about Seimitsu – Seimitsu has slightly different plastic mold and less selection overall in colors.

As for the Start/Select buttons, the only color I’d recommend replacing those with are Light Blue Sanwa 24mm pushbuttons. Seriously, you have to look at the artwork when making decisions about color pushbutton choices. If you’re having a hard time with this, open the image you captured of the stick in an imaging program (like PhotosShop or Freeware equivalent) and futz with colors until you find a pushbutton combination that you like… Personally, I’d keep the color arrangement Hori chose since it seems to suit the stick art. The only thing I’d change would be the Start/Select button color (to Light Blue) but I’d more likely stick to yellow to match the original stick color button layout…

I know what I said sounds metro but honestly I have an art degree and have spent some time figuring out color button layout configurations for custom/wallpaper art that I’m going to pun in Tekken 5 joysticks that I’m going to mod…


you can get pink and white sanwas… or the pearly seimitsus, that would be cool…

or if you want the colors exactly the same, you can put sanwa microswitches in the hori buttons…