Hori T5 button troubleshooting

So I was playing around with my T5 yesterday during a session of UMvC3 and I couldn’t help but notice that my stick was acting really weird. For example whenever I pressed medium, my character would dash forward and when I set the stick down, my character would automatically attack without pressing a button. But as I inspected the problem, it turned out that the triangle button is the real problem. Somehow the button itself became so sensitive to the slightest movement that it will register inputs with the slightest bump. I’ve also noticed this when I tried twisting the button around and I hear a slight grinding/squeaking noise that I don’t hear from my other buttons. Is there a real solution to fixing this or should I just go ahead and try to solder/desolder everything and switch around the buttons with Sanwa parts if possible?

First, I don’t think that it’s a good sign if you’re able to turn the buttons around since the buttons are supposed to be soldered in place by the PCB underneath. But, I digress. A friend of mine had a Tekken 5 Anniversary Stick too and had this same problem happen to him. It preceded his button just completely dying on him less than a week later. Your buttons are probably just starting to die. You may want to just go in and get the whole thing modded with Sanwa parts at this point.

Here’s the usual “Go to” tutorial for this stuff: Hori T5: Modding Tutorial

If you don’t have the tools to go mod the thing, it may be better just to go hire a modder to do it for you. Considering the cost of the tools you need to buy if you don’t already own them, hiring a modder would probably run you less than going out and doing it yourself. Hope this helped. :tup: