Hori T5: Modding Tutorial

Its domestic, Cali

ok, so i understand how to do the buttons. can anyone go into more detail as to how the joystick is installed, in the most laymen terms? i’m new to this so i just need a little more clarification, step by step. the wires from the PCB are put in a terminal (do they just plug in? soldered?), then the wires from the terminal go to … a harness? and how? …

much thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out. i know there’s a tutorial, but i’ve read the joystick part several times and i’m not familiar with some words and their association to the stick (what they look like) such as prong, ground, microswitch, etc. so i’m having even more difficulty figuring out the directions.

The button connectors are made by JST:


I get them from rs-components but if you’re in the US you can get them from Digikey.

PCB header:

Connector housing:

Crimp contacts:

You would need an open barrel crimp tool for the contacts. Actually I solder the wire section of the contact and then crimp the insulation section. I would show it with pics but my crappy camera doesn’t allow to take closeups of such a small object.

Darn, I just ordered from DigiKey too. Amazing mod.

M K L, love it! I always like mods that you can swap out everything if you need to without additional work. Merely swapping out buttons and the joystick is only half the battle imo, making the overall stick better and adding those swappable features gives it an edge over unmodded HRAP’s.
damn i wish i knew these existed when i did mine.

MKL- Good stuff bro, might have to try this out on the next t5 stick i do for someone. Would be cool if there was something similar to this that could be used on padhacks! lol

Got my soldering all done. Just gotta wait for the harness to come in now… Hopefully by Tuesday. Maybe even tomorrow!

Soldering is so fucking easy though… lol… I watched like 1 vid and then winged it.


Oh missed this post.

I believe the easiest way, is to buy that 5-pin harness for Sanwa/Seimetsu sticks. Then you’re suppose to like hook up the ends to the other ends of the wires that you cut off from the stock stick.

There’s a picture on the first post on how to do it… And also how to do it.

i need a terminal to do this ? if i do, how does a terminal work? do i just stick the wires into it?

You could probably just strip the ends, twist them together, and use duct tape or something.

oh shit, so the terminal isn’t necessary? also, will the JLF-TP-8YT-SK work with this tutorial? thanks for the info

terminal is not necessary, and 8yt-sk works fine

the only wiring i could find at radio shack was 22 gauge stranded hook up wire, but it’s “AWM” instead of “AWG” … does this matter ?

I’m planning on gutting my T5, and I’m looking for some help with my plans.

-Would it be a good idea to ditch the current board and get a Cthulu?
-Would the slight mod to the JLF mess with putting an octagonal gate on it?
-I’m looking at a spool of 22 gauge strand wire, is this the recommended size?

-What are you planning to do with it? Keep it ps2? Change pcbs for a different system? Go wireless?
-Drilling the gate will not interfere with using the oct gate. In fact, if you do the mod first and end up getting the oct gate later, you dont have to drill the gate again. You can just remove the modded gate from the stick, twist the square gate off, twist the oct gate off and install the oct gate on the modded original gate.
-22 gauage is perfect, atleast for me. its what i used

LESS DREMELING! TAKE A LOOK. AGAIN wishing I knew this before.
So, my friend in the heating/cooling business comes over and I tell him about modding these sticks. I show him the tabs and how I have to dremel the crap out of those. Then he says, "YOU tard, why don’t you use a nibbler"
I’m like wtf is a nibbler. So he goes into his tool box in his truck and says this is a nibbler, it cuts into plastic and sheet metal. "It’ll take care of those stupid tabs in a few seconds"
He was right and here it is: Bottom line, stop grinding those tabs and invest in a nibbler, it’s super easy, and quick. The brand is Klein - Nibbler about 25.00, but well worth the investment and time factor.
First curse out those stupid tabs


Meet your end biotches


The cutting edge


How it’s held


Bye bye tabs…in a less than a second and your hands get a nice workout. It’s like sqeezing a tight hand grip.


You see the notch it made in the other hole, that’s how it’ll be in the end.


These holes took about 1 minute to remove those tabs and no dust or sparks from grinding!


Silent tab death!


Finished, and the buttons drop right in. Especially screw-ins.



Helps out with those Sanwa snap-in notches too, although you still need to push it in a little. It will lay flat though.



Hope this helps anyone thinking about modding the t5 or in the process. Dont be like me, step away from the dremel, at least a little!

FUCKIN AWESOME!!! Damn dude, you dont believe how much this will help me. Im starting to get alot of people wanting me to mod thier sticks ranging from fs3, T5, Green Goblin to random no name brands. LOL SILENT TAB DEATH!!!
Im gonna have to stop by lowes and look for this. Is there different size/styles? I just dont want to get the wrong one.
Once again Aggrastat you post something REALLY helpful. Hell, i got one guy that wants me to mod 3 FS3s alone. It will be worth the money. thanks

edit-can you adjust the width of the “nibble” that it makes?

Hey AJ!!!

I got this one:
KLEIN TOOLS 76011B Nibbler Cutting Tool
I guess there are other brands out there, but my friends says that is the more popular brand.
I don’t believe you can adjust how far it cuts in. When you use it on the tabs all the way, it’ll make that “oh so perfect” little notch after youre done. If you want to make more BE VERY CAREFUL without the tab, if you cut in the circle at full depth your button hub will not completely cover the notch you made. But yea, I guess if you line up that cutting edge just right you can cut a smaller notch. You’ll see what I mean when you get yours.
You do need some hand strength, may need both hands to squeeze down. MAKE sure the plate doesnt move when you squeeze you might get an errant cut if it does.
Seriously I desoldered 2 tekken boards and cut all the tabs off in 10 minutes…ten fricking minutes!!! Used to take 10 minutes to file down 2 tabs…
Get one and get one quick!!!

Thanks for the part number. Man, i would take the top plates to work with me and grind them using a air grinder on my lunch break. It didnt take too long but a pain, plus i dont have the air grinder at home. And the damn rotary tool takes way too long. THis sounds too good to be true. Im gonna pick it up this weekend.
And WOW at 10 mins for the tabs and desoldering 2 boards.