Hori T5: Modding Tutorial

LS-32-01 actually, but I don’t think it will be the same.

it will be the same, the screws that hold the S plate or the flat plate are the same size. They screw into the same part of the LS32.

Opps, I meant to say I don’t think they will be DIFFERENT… My bad. Thanks again. The quick disconnects can’t get here quick enough. Hopefully I’ll be working on this mod by this time next week.

Added these updates to the custom thread. Just showing some Love…




Do you guys think this file would be adequate for filing the tabs? Not sure if it’s strong enough.

If you want the absolute easiest option… http://www.amazon.com/Klein-Tools-76011B-Nibbler-Cutt/dp/B0000CBJCT/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=hi&qid=1250561687&sr=8-2

I used my Klein Nibbler for about 7-8 tekken plates, and I havent changed the blade yet. I probably would have gone through several grinding stones already, and wasted alot of time dremeling. I like the notches too, makes the snap-ins easier to put in.


I need some help removing the mounting bracket on the t5 plate. I am drilling the weld points, but it is taking forever. Is there any easier way to get this thing off? Is there a certain kind of drill bit I should be using?

I just use a standard drill bit that can be used on metal/wood/etc. I use a pretty decent size bit. You have to push down on the drill, but not so much that youll snap the bit. It should take you about 1-2 mins per weld… When your through the mounting bracket, youll notice it sounds different as your drilling. Also, when you think your close to being finished with a certain weld you can always flip the plate around. If you see a minor denture in the metal from where your drilling then that section is ready. Once all 4 are done it should lift up easily with a flat head. May need the hammer if you didnt drill far enough.

edit-if your using a battery operated drill, make sure its fully charged before attempting this. Ive broken bits because it wasnt turning fast enough and I was applying too much pressure

Right now I am using a 1/4 inch bit. You switched to something smaller halfway through didn’t you?

I’m really trying not to quit this and just use the JLF but this is really not happening. I think I got down to the plate on one of them, but I’m not sure and I’ve been at this for quite a few hours. Where is the magic tool to remove this thing?

The first time i did this i did a big bit then a small bit. But on my last 2 which happened to be my personal ones i used one bit. I cant read the size on the bits since they are old. But i used the second biggest bit that comes in a regular sized standard drill bit kit. Just make sure your pretty much dead center on the weld. You can see in my pic how the plate “dimples” up once ive drilled enough. Once you have all four pry the bracket off. You might have to use the hammer to help wedge the flat head between the bracket and the plate. Then just wiggle the flat head. What type volt/power drill are you using?
Dont give up, the LS32 is SO much better than the JLF. IMO
Possible to post pics

Thats the drill I am using. I still have to drill 4 plates through the plate itself right? I don’t know man… Would I be able to cut this off with a Hacksaw?

damn, maybe its because its a 9.6v drill. Wonder if that extra power makes that much of a difference. Have you tried putting your weight into it as you drill? I put both hands on it, and push down against the plate the whole time im drilling.
Yeah, youll have to drill another 4 holes later after you take the measurements using the ls32 plate.

what dremel attachment would be good for making holes for additional buttons?

Yea dude, I am def pushing down and putting a good amount of weight into it. I got that drill for $10 on craigslist so I can’t complain too much. It’s worked hella good up until now. But I will have to do something else. This is pretty ridiculous. Maybe there’s a metal shop around here that can do it for me. I will keep you informed.

EDIT : I am trying to get an 18V drill from this dude on Craigslist now. Hopefully it’s still available.

realyst- LMK what you end up doing. How many welds were you able to drill through?

Jumai- something similar to these


I THINK I got through one. I dont see the dimple like you had but again, that could be the weakness of the drill. It feels and sound different when I drill there. I am somewhat sure I got through one of them. But it took a while.

Ok, my brother-in-law has a 19.2 power drill. He actually has two of them. A little overkill? Maybe. But I want this thing off already. I will go to use it after work today. I will give updates. My quick disconnects should get to me today and I will officially have all the parts and all that will be left is to do the labor.

Cool thanks AJ. The size is 1 1/8?