Hori T5 & Radioshack Converter Help

Hi guys, I hope you can help me out.

I have a unmodded T5 Hori stick and one of the old stock radioshack brand usb converters. When trying to play Mame or GGPO the diagonals on the stick don’t seem to register sometimes if at all.

I’ve tested this in the joystick properties dialog on windows.

Is there a known issue with this particular usb converter and stick?
Or is there another converter that would work with the stick?

ps. It isn’t my technique at all, the stick works perfectly on a PS2 but on my computer it doesn’t work. I checked the Hori T5 Modding thread and saw where someone mentioned lag between the radioshack converter and the stick.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Many thanks,

There are a few different converters they sold at Radioshack. The most common one looks like this, and even that comes under a few different names with varying levels of quality (Sector 7 lags, Wasaki doesn’t, no clue about the others).

The Hori T5 PCB is a pretty good one so that shouldn’t be an issue.

There’s a possibility that the adapter itself is shot. If you have a normal PS1 or PS2 pad on hand, try that with the converter to double-check that it works fine.

Worst case scenario–and very unlikely–there’s a problem with your USB port. Try plugging your mouse into there for a little while, just to be sure that there aren’t any problems.

i had a radioshack brand converter and it lagged on the stock tekken 5 pcb but it was lag free for the official sony controllers i had.


Yo guys

Bridgypoo was posting on my behalf, becuase I couldn’t at the time. Thanks for the replies.

She recently got me the T5 stick, and I’ve had the converter for a good year, my friend had it for a year before that. It’s the “short” all black radioshack brand converter. Cat No. 26-729

The stick itself is not defective, because I can use it for AE on ps2 and even with stock Hori parts it’s amazing compared to my Mayflash USB fighting stick. I’m mostly a 3s player, and doing difficult target chains, super cancels, etc is VERY easy on PS2 with the T5 (strong, fierce, fireball, super with Ken :wink: ) :rock:

The Mayflash stick had built in usb and ps2 support. I’ve used the mayflash for a long time for things like ggpo, 2DF, and Kaillera netplay. I’ve used it on the same usb port with BOTH the internal USB and the same converter on the ps2 output.

Therefore, the usb port is not shot and neither is the converter. :looney:

What I’m wondering is if it’s just an issue with the particular converter and the Hori pcb. I’m almost assuming it is, at this point.

Can you recommend a different, affordable converter and possibly provide a link to where to buy one online? That would solve my problems, I think. :karate:

Stay up.