Hori T6 arcade stick modding by a noob


Well I want a better arcade this because the current one that im using (t6 xbox 360 wireless) is horrible. I´m not a modder and I couldn´t find a modding guide for this arcade stick on the internet so maybe you guys could help me out. I can´t afford a TE (I´m 16) and Im willing to spend around 65 euro´s max. That should be around 90-100 bucks. Which parts should I buy, Should I use the SF SE arcade stick modding guide since its a different stick and is it possible to do it on my own (My dad is pretty good for a average dad in tech)?

Thanks in advance


Read through this thread: http://shoryuken.com/f177/hori-tekken-6-stick-213492/

The post important thing to note is that you need a tri-wing tip screw to open it. You can buy one online or some hardware stores may carry security bits that have a tri-wing. after that it’s fairly easy. You can also do the ultimate JLF mod on it/swap the springs in stead of the whole dremmel/epoxy joystick business. You’ll want to swap the buttons as well to sanwas (that’ll cost ya like $20 us dollars), and you’ll need to sand down panel to make the buttons fit. I recommend the snap ins instead of the screw ins because of the spacing available. Good luck

oh btw. if u want to spend $90-100 look on the trading post. people sometimes sell used TE’s at that price or lower. A better buy if u can get one in my opinion