Hori T6 PS3 joystick microswitch question


This is my first post as I have been simply lurking for some time. I finally got around to modding my Hori T6 wireless stick for PS3 with Sanwa OBSF 30 buttons. After simply tracing the wires I was able to break the tabs out and fit everything in.

Here is the inside of my Stick currently. I hot glued the PCB back into it’s original position as I don’t want it tumbling around potentially stressing the solder joins on the buttons:

When I moved onto the stick, I popped the housing open and took a look at the microswitches. They are Omron, and I am curious if it would even be worth swapping them out for something else. My old Capcom Fighter Power stick has a Sanwa with Omrons as well, whihc leads me to believe if I did replace the switches with JLF switches I would have the same thing.

here are the switches inside:

So would it be worth it to change these? And what part should I order from Lizard Lick to do it?

All of Arcade Sticks from Hori use OMRON.
And if not OMRON, then Matsushita.
(Matsushita is what Seimitsu uses.)

You’ll sometimes find in the same Joystick, both OMRON and Matsushita.
I have seen that in one of my HORI Fighting Stick EX2.

You know how people are so over the Namco Arcade Stick’s dick?
I don’t know why they are, but the Joystick is just a regular Hori.
Just like what you have in your Tekken 6.
Same Microswitch you showing.

And you know what?
People pay $90 and more for Namco Arcade Stick.

And people switch out the Hori Joystick in their Fighting Stick 3 and Fighting Stick EX2.
But they don’t on the Namco.
Weird don’t you think?

They say the Namco feels different.
I think they crazy.

Namco is old stuff.
Grease is old.
Spring is old.

Those factors make for difference.

I must say though, my favorite is the Namco Arcade Stick.
Super slim Case.
6-Button layout.

That the best right there.
And the Buttons are even cooler.
Style of Seimitsu PS-14-G, but can use Sanwa SW-68 Microswitch.
And the stock Button Microswitches are Tokai Communications; what Seimitsu uses.

Well back to your question.
If you want to replace with JLF-TP-8 Microswitch, get MS-O-2P from Lizard Lick.

But I don’t know the specs of the Sanwa MS-O-2P (OMRON V-01-3D5-A) to compare to OMRON V-15-3A5.
Because the V-01-3D5-A is not in the Data Sheet.
But get it if you want JLF Microswitch.

People get rid of Hori Joystick anyways.

Thank you. That’s very informative. I think I may stick with my Hori stick for awhile. I’ll consider upgrading if it starts getting suspicious then.


I prefer the layout on the Agetec Dreamcast myself. Nice spacing between the joystick and buttons on that one. It’s also the first six-button joystick that feels as comfortable to me as a Saturn pad. What IS it about Sega-designed controllers? :slight_smile:

I had two of the Namco sticks a LONG time ago but gave them up when I traded in all my PS1 gear and games for store credit. If I had known how crazy the market for the Namco sticks would get…!

But seriously, the Agetec case has a nice layout and feels very solid after mods with arcade parts. Threw out both the original joystick and buttons and went ahead and installed an LS-32-01 and Sanwa buttons. They interface wonderfully with the original PCB.

My next step, after I get some cash and paint the cabinet on the Agetec, is to install an MC Cthulu. After that, it’s on to Agetec #2 when I find one for a good price after I have some cash again!

The Agetec is both my favorite retro-arcade stick and my favorite non-Hori/non-Mad Catz stick, too.