Hori Tekkan 6 wireless stick

Just wanted to make sure it is allowed.

I have a MVC TE stick, but its for xbox, so my girlfriends dad loaned me the ps3 stick he got with his Tekken 6. It’s wireless, but it plugs in via a little usb stick that plugs into the PS3. As I don’t own a PS3, I assume that this is different then the controller ‘syncing’ ?

Also, the buttons seem a little stiff, is there any way I can put the sanwa buttons from my TE stick into it?

Thanks everyone.

hmmm…most likely cases is that that’s not allowed, due to wireless synching issue. But u can try to ask the judge to see if its actually allowed (most likely not) , and if so, try to ask for a stick to use during the tourny proper if u cant’ get another stick in time. GL with that

I recommend you try and borrow a TE stick, as the tekken stick is widely considered to be ass. That stick IS allowed at evo. Any wireless controller that uses a dongle is allowed, such as the tekken stick and madcatz fightpads. the siaxxis and dual shock 3 are the only ones i know of that are banned because of syncing issues.

As for changing the buttons, just ask someone if you can borrow their TE. Most people are cool with that, as long as you don’t beat the shit out of the buttons like I do.

Yah, I was planning on asking someone who played right before me or nearby waiting if I could use their stick for my match. I hear people are pretty friendly (heck, I know if my stick worked I’d loan it out to whoever came after me or whatever).

But I definitely want to take this cause I don’t want to get DQ’ed if for some reason no one wants to loan me their stick or no one is nearby or whatever.

But yah, I’m trying to get used to this stick. Holy crap, this buttons suck and it feels like I need to pound the keys to get them to work.