Hori Tekken 5 - Replacing the Joystick

I just got the Hori Tekken 5 joystick in the mail. I like everything, except that the joystick makes a clicking noise when you move it. I hate that.

Is there any way to mod it so that it wont make the clicking sound?

If not, does anyone know which joysticks will fit nicely inside the casing as a replacement joystick?

Would any of these work? :

Thanks for the help, I’m kinda lost right now

the japanese ones would fit

the happ’s well im not sure if it would fit

im yet to mod 2 of those sticks

ill let you know of my progress

If you don’t want the clicks then you will have to put either a Happ P360 of Sanwa Flash in. The P360 probably will cost about as much as the Tekken stick and the Flash will be much more expensive.

As far as installing it you will have to deal with extra wiring to power the sticks and while a Happ COULD fit in there you would need to heavily mod the metal plate. If you are a beginner most people here would probably suggest you not to try putting in either of those sticks.

so there’s no way to mod the joystick so that it doesnt click?

no it has to be replaced

joysticks click. they pretty much have to. get used to it. p360 wont fit unless heavily modified, and it has to draw power from the console to power it, so you gotta know where to tap into the +5v, and its really expensive. and you also increase the chances of frying the controller ports

sanwa flash is same thing, except you have a better chance of fitting it in the case, still requires modding tho.

sanwa flash sticks are not preferred if you like to use japanese sticks. and since the switch to console in the scene, P360 sticks are becoming less popular now cuz of it being a pain in the ass to work properly on a console. and they come from the manufacturer poorly calibrated most of the time.

basically im just repeating what was said in the post above. bottom line, unless you go optical(p360 and flash) you will always get clicking sound. i dont understand what the big deal is anyway

also p360s are fine if you get someone who knows how to use it correctly


Are the guys at MAS still putting in the old P360s?

no clue, i ordered a p360 and im making a custom stick and im banking on the p360 working

The clicking sound comes from the microswitches that all of the non-optical sticks use. As others have mentioned, modding in an optical stick will be a bit more tricky as it needs extra voltage. Not undoable, just requires extra soldering.

Me personally, I perfer American parts (non-optical). Still, I would recommend the sanwa stick for that particular mod job. Though I don’t have any firsthand experience building with the optical parts, the Japanese sticks tend to require less physical space inside the box to fit.

Doesn’t the US tekken 5 stick use a crappy cheapo jap joystick? Get a sanwa and it won’t be as clicky.

sanwas are just as “clicky” as the stock hori stick that comes in the t5 joystick. you cant get rid of the clicks. in fact, the sanwa and seimitsu clicks are much more “clickier” than the hori sticks imo.

if the clicks annoy you that much, try putting some stuff inside the case to muffle the sound. that might work.

like what? ^^^

Wrap the joystick in Seran Wrap, then packaging penuts, then Seran wrap. You will most likely not hear any clicks.


Are Seimitsu sticks and buttons a easy mod for the T5 hori? If so what all do I need to do? I know how to solder.

I believe it’s all just desoldering and soldering since both the sticks and buttons are soldered on.

If you have the US Tekken 5 Hori, then refer to this link

If it’s a Japanese T5 Hori, I dunno =P. I would assume it’s the same, but yea, I could be wrong.

Thanx bro