Hori Tekken 6 Fightstick Help


About 8 months ago i got the Tekken 6 Wireless Fightstick and i like it a lot. It still works perfect to this day.

However, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it a wired fightstick instead of wireless. I know the changing of the PCB will be involved so could anyone also tell me how to change the PCB without killing my stick.

Lastly, if anyone knows how to change the artwork on it, i would appreciate it.

  • Thanks, Peter


Try to search before you ask.


I already know how to mod my stick. I want to know how to make it wired


Drop in a new pcb, that would be the easiest solution.


Im asking how to put a PCB and after that how i can make it wired


If i want to put a new PCB i have to cut the wires that connect it the buttons. if i do that wont it make the buttons un-usable


There are general tutorials that will apply to anything you need.