Hori Tekken 6 LED mod


I’m currently planning on doing an LED mod on a Hori Tekken 6 and am looking for advice. Right now I’m aiming to shine LEDs through Seimitsu clear buttons, but if that doesn’t work out I’m going to be shining an LED through the XBOX button instead.

The Hori has been gutted, so there’s no original PCB. I’m gonna try to use the built-in battery compartment to power the LEDs. I’m also planning on using this to make an on/off switch:


I know how to solder LEDs to the battery source directly, but am unsure how to use this switch. Could someone explain how to do that? Also, how do I get the LEDs inside Semitisu buttons? Thanks!


Check this out.


Thanks for the quick reply!

That seems a bit more complicated than what I’m trying to do though.

I just need to hook the LEDs up to an external switch that turns them on or off, and wasn’t sure how to wire the LEDs with the switch.

I’m not looking to do light-on-activation or anything like that. In fact, the LEDs won’t interact with the joystick PCB at all. =)


Well that will show you how to put the lights in the buttons at least. How many LED’s are you going to run? I may be wrong but, powering the controller and several LED’s constantly may shorten your batteries life significantly.


I was thinking of running 6 but may just do 1 if it becomes problematic - the batteries will only be running the LEDs, and not the controller - I’ll be using a PS1 PCB for that. =)


Oh, then I guess you would run the signal & ground to the switch then from the switc solder the ground to the led. solder a small resistor on the signal, then solder the signal w/ resistor to the led. does that make sense? you will be putting 2 wires in in both of the qd’s that are on the switch.


OK i just drew this, maybe it will make more sense.


Thanks a lot! I’ll let you know how this goes when I do this in a couple of days!

Any idea how long 2AA batteries can power 6 LEDs?