Hori Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick - Spring Replacement

Hi I would like to finish my Hori T6 Wireless Stick mod by making the spring a little tighter. I use the semitsu ls-32 + ls-33 springs in my sanwa sticks but they wont fit inside the hori. i also cant fit a whole sanwa stick into the hori base because it is too shallow and wont fit. ive seen one fellow who just tore a hole in the bottom of his so it would but i really dont wanna do that. anyone know of a spring that will fit into the hori’s (mostly plastic) joystick?

Well, you can try one of the custom springs from Paradise Arcade:<div><br></div><div>I used this one: http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/en/paradise-arcade-exclusive-products/659-pas-jlf-4-lbf-custom-spring.html</div><div><br></div><div>But be aware, that spring is stiff… I suggest you to go with the 2lb or 3lb… too bad all of them are out of stock… but at least you can track them.</div>